Tiger Spirit


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Users reviews

Amanda R (au)

love the book and movie

Cody C (kr)

amn shame. The visual effects are fun, but the story is beyond incoherent

DONT ADD ME just message me (kr)

t was okay. . . . they said "fucking" too many times. sean connery was great, gotta LOVE his accent

Edgar P (es)

Their actions are never anything but horrible. The couple are oddly likable, but the script goes to no effort to make us sympathise with or for them. It is definitely not for everyone. This is a black comedy but I did not laugh anywhere as much as I was maybe intended to. "Sightseers is an original film but a bit bizarre

Ibraheem M (us)

If you love Hollywood, The Player offers you a free vacation there that you'll love, and it will also convince you that the biggest crime in Hollywood is to flop

John S (au)

Favourite scene : Ray talks to Mark about his father and the nil by mouth. Very little to complain about - perhaps it was a little long for my liking but thats all. The acting was great, the plot was interesting, the ending satisfying, the camerawork was first rate. In short I liked this film while really disliking certain scenes. Pubs and council flats are the locations and it adds realism to it. Theres no glitz or glamour here, its all sink estates, booze and drugs. The film is truly gritty in a way that only a British drama can be. His acting is outstanding here. There are others such as when Ray goes apeshit in the flat and on the phone. The Nil by mouth scene where Ray talks about his father is epic. There are several scenes in the film that are fantastic. He beats his friends and family in drunken rages and eventually kills his unborn child in an act of jealousy after seeing his wife play pool with a man. Ray Winstone plays Ray, an alcoholic nutter who is one of the most dislikeable people I have ever witnessed in film. Its one I have heard about and known about for a long time but it took finding it on cinemail to bring it to me. This film is an oldie but a goodie. Harsh

Jonathan G (jp)

ating: 7/10. It should be more PG-13, than PG (for sure). Definitely bizarre, unique, weird, dark, and fun-enough. Everyone looks so young! Tim Burton's directing in his earlier, creepier period of his career. Yeah, not many films in that genre-bending, but it has turned into a cult classic. Horror Comedy. . . One of the leading films in it's genre

Maark T (gb)

Tarantino uses his skills as a director as well as ideas borrow from the Spaghetti Westerns he admires so much to create some very tense scenes. Funny and gruesome

Skip R (jp)

Simon Abkarian and Virginia Ledoyen are fantastic. Powerful retelling of a true story. Excellent film