Tigers in Lipstick

Tigers in Lipstick

8 comic sketches set in Italy, with 4 of the most famous European sex symbols of the 70's playing 2 roles each.

8 comic sketches set in Italy, with 4 of the most famous European sex symbols of the 70's playing 2 roles each. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juli N (it) wrote: It was a disturbing and thought provoking premise that stayed with me for days! I saw it again just now and I'm still in awe of the genius of this film! Caleb Landry Jones gave a performance of a lifetime! It was way beyond creepy, it was truly a frightening spectacle! I look forward to viewing future films featuring this brilliant young actor!

Gerii C (au) wrote: lack of a real ending...

Stanley C (mx) wrote: Deck the Halls doesn't bolster a truly Oscar-nominated screenplay for best aesthetic value in character and plot development, but it certainly also is far from being the worst Christmas comedy ever. And I don't get how there are so many same people who both praise the ridiculously idiotic Always Sunny in Philadelphia while bashing this.

Danielle (mx) wrote: Ive neber even seen this movie,yet its worked its way on to my favorite movie list! WTH?

Mandy D (fr) wrote: La historia es interesante pero no sent qumica entre Tomei y D'Onofrio... igualmente se disfruta.

Andy C (kr) wrote: A dull and bland piece of crap with no humor, whatsoever! March needs to retire and Dien needs to keep his clothes off.

Douglas L (fr) wrote: Okay, I know I am overrating this, but I genuinely enjoyed the movie. Stallone and Getty were really funny together if you ask me, they made a pretty good team. I also love how Sly and Arnold were jabbing eachother in their movies around this time. If you are a Stallone fan or a Golden Girls fan, you should watch this.

Carlos I (ru) wrote: Eh... it was okay. Pretty good cast, not very scary though, and way too drawn out. That could've been cut down by at least 20 minutes...

Arsev A (br) wrote: A good old romantic comedy with Walter Matthau's fantastic performance (as usual). Richard Benjamin and Glenda Jackson are good as well.

Tamara H (kr) wrote: I watched this in the early '90s (back when my sister and I were the world's most devoted tween-age Chicago fans). I don't remember much about it, other than we found it "weird", but I think we liked it for the Chicago factor. Anyway, nowadays, I'm not quite the Chicago fan I used to be -- and am not in any rush to seek this movie out --however, if I happened to see it on TV, I might tune in again just for old time's sake. (After all, where else does one get the opportunity to see Peter Cetera "acting"?)

Don S (kr) wrote: Watched this last weekend...fun one ... Great way to catch up on Shakespearean classics

Miguel A (ru) wrote: Apesar de, na essncia, tratar-se de um objecto exploitation, "Across the 110th Street" exerce todos os esforos para alcanar outro tipo de dignidade: seja atravs da presena de Anthony Quinn (num papel pouco dado a simpatias) ou recorrendo a Bobby Womack para assinar a excelente banda-sonora. A dcada de setenta pode at estar carregada de filmes de guerras violentas entre gangues, mas nem todos conhecem a sorte de decorrer no bairro de Harlem dividido entre a mfia, pushers e a pouca autoridade que l se atreve a entrar. Os restantes esforos de "Across the 110th Street" procuram estimular grandes ideias sobre o racismo, embora seja extremamente difcil chegar a qualquer concluso no meio de tantos tiros e chapada.

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