Til Death Do Us Part

Til Death Do Us Part

Set in a small Chinese village where HIV virus is spreading rapidly as a result of illicit blood trade, Mo shu wai zhuan revolves around De Yi and Qinqin are both estranged from their respective family because of their disease and unexpectedly find love with each other by their misfortunes.

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Kameron W (au) wrote: Rivals the best teen coming of age films of all time

Michael T (gb) wrote: Poignant, funny, moving French film.

Mario L (mx) wrote: Really good documentary on a really bald subject. That's how you know it's great.

Dan Z (it) wrote: Such a fucking slow movie. Even the first somewhat "exciting" scene in the movie (which was found fifteen minutes into it) was ridden with cliche, awkward camera shots, and just bleh. Such a frustrating film to watch.

Joel C (es) wrote: Meh this movie was mediocre at best

Paul D (ag) wrote: Hmm, not a fast moving film, a little indulgent but a strong drama nonetheless. Not convinced the Ethan Hawke character worked but interesting personal life journey of Irons character. I you like that kind of slow, British drama kind of story this is good alternative.

Carlos M (us) wrote: Ahead of its time, this romantic comedy suggests that happiness may be found in freedom, away from the pernicious wealth of high society - but it is also a bit naive, reducing the complexity of its themes to matters of right and wrong while ending with an easy, predictable resolution.

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