'Til There Was You

'Til There Was You

Two strangers, whose paths are always crossing, finally meet when fate steps in.

Two strangers, whose paths are always crossing, finally meet when fate steps in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wei Qi L (us) wrote: Unbelievabe characters that seemed like exaggerated versions of teens... It's like someone wanted to mock the current generation so bad its cringeworthy

eni r (gb) wrote: Rate based on Disney Movies

tina k (es) wrote: sad also not bad but not too good

Antwan J J (mx) wrote: Visually stimulating and remides me of a scanner darkly and danny darko though it really kept me interested quite the story very interesting film

Kadie V (es) wrote: Not what I wanted it to be. Very dissapointed.

Jim M (nl) wrote: The animation style is interesting, but the story is bland.

Shawn W (it) wrote: Even the alien storyline of Highlander II was better than this. A group of immortals seek the source of their immortality. Recommended only for those who want to see constant CGI effects and sword fights in fast forward. Too far over the top.

Alex r (es) wrote: Brilliant Foreign film examining the link between the Vatican and the Third Reich, Amen roars across the screen, and conveys the ignorance of the Vatican to do nothing in regards to the German mass extermination of the Jews. Director Costa-Gavras crafts a terrific drama, one that is thoroughly engaging from start to finish due to the fact that it boasts a very well thought out story that is very interesting. Amen will surely make the viewer think, ask questions, and will surely infuriate viewers. This is nonetheless an accomplished picture, one that will definitely appeal to history buffs and to anyone looking for a great film to watch. The lead actor is terrific in the part he places, and is the only one who sees and tries in vain to warn of the atrocities of the Nazis. With some stunning performances, this is an engaging picture that ranks among the finest foreign films that I have seen in quite some time. With an effective story, and exceptional direction, Amen is a richly detailed drama that is unforgettable due to its story. Brilliant, taut and thrilling, yet dramatic in its style, Costa-Gravas picture is exceptional in the way it tackles its subject. It's no secret the Vatican turned a blind eye to the Nazi Atrocities being committed in occupied territories, and this film really goes in depth on that. One thing that does stand out is the lead characters realization that what is occurring in Europe under Nazi rule is terribly wrong, and he tries desperately to tell his superiors to help stop the mass extermination of Jews. Even though Amen is a dark film by nature, it does have a glimmer of hope in the sense that one person had a conscience to do the right thing in the face of adversity.

Russ K (es) wrote: Had to watch this for metaphysics class a few years ago. Nice little (good)"fast philosophy" movie.

Jennifer W (jp) wrote: Probably a little late in discovering this movie but everyone should watch it right now on Netflix. Seems like a quintessential LGBT movie but of course it also explores race on top of sexuality so well done <3 <3

Anthony V (kr) wrote: Standard Walter Hill violent thriller, uplifted by good cast.

Jenny H (de) wrote: 80's rocker movie - I liked it

Paul D (kr) wrote: Good comic thriller although its hard not to mention Vincent Price who adds a further dimension to this film with a very entertaining performance.

L Troy A (mx) wrote: I'm a die-hard fan of animated super hero movies...Justice League; War is amazing...Action packed from beginning to end...And it had seven heroes coming together to do damage...One of the best!