Till Luck Do Us Part 2

Till Luck Do Us Part 2

After all the trouble in the first film, Tino and Jane have more fun adventures. Still tasting bitter failure, they see a light at the end of the tunnel with uncle Olavinho’s unexpected inheritance. However, the will carries an unusual request: the rich uncle wants his ashes to be scattered throughout the Grand Canyon. The couple takes the opportunity of the trip to fulfill this wish and decides to go to Las Vegas and end up getting into comical situations. Big time spender Tino will fall into the greatest temptations and indulge in the casinos of the gambling city.

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Till Luck Do Us Part 2 torrent reviews

Michael H (br) wrote: People wandering the desert intersecting and altering each others' paths. Some very nice cinematography and performances but a little bit muddled; perhaps - probably - intentionally.

Corey B (it) wrote: Fully realized, hilarious, and doesn't resort to easy solutions.

dfw f (fr) wrote: Raul, a psychopathic, middle-aged thug in 1970s Chile, becomes obsessed with the disco king immortalized by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Dreaming of winning a Tony Manero look-and-dance-alike contest, Raul devotes most of his time to perfecting his act, and the rest of the time wreaking shocking violence and murder in this award winning thriller from acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain. It won the top prize at the 2008 Torino Film Festival and is Chile's submission to the 81st Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Winner of the Golden Tulip (Top Prize) 2009 in the Istanbul International Film Festival. This is Pablo Larrain's second feature, and a selection of the New York Film Festival of 2008. It was part of the Directors Fortnight series at Cannes this year. Theatrical opening in France December 17, 2008.Art is sometimes not capable enough to convey reality, as in the saying "if it is unimaginable it is real". Just like 9/11 could not have been imagined in a movie, novel or any kind of fiction, the horrors of Chile under the CIA backed Pinochet regime cannot be described or told about adequately in fiction. Maybe a documentary by Patricio Guzmn, Salvador Allende (2004) would be a better choice to grasp the state terror Chile has gone through. Still Tony Manero does have its own merits in describing the era, not only in the body of its lead character Raul, impersonator of John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever, but also other people living in this run-down neighborhood. These people are totally lost not only in their poverty but their submission to the fascist state. Raul is a serial killer who kills spontaneously sometimes with no other motivation than stealing a color TV or not liking someone. His only delight in life is to imitate American movie character Tony Manero. Women around admire him but he is impotent, still he tries to have sex. In short he is Chilean majority of that period. And during the whole movie the viewer is expecting a police officer to come in the neighborhood to investigate the killings, but that never happens. He goes unnoticed as there is a much more dangerous and potent serial killer out there! The movie does a great job in setting the mood of the times, pale and shaky. The lead actor is reminiscent of Al Pacino and is quite good, so is overall acting. However the script slightly falters at the end which happens to be typical Hollywood ending. Obviously this movie does not need an end at all! FANTASTIC CHILLING FILM WITH INCREDIBLE POLITICAL OVERTONES AND ALLEGORY

Dave P (nl) wrote: Twist of Faith is an HBO documentary about a man's recovery from sexual abuse perpetrated by his childhood priest. The doc explores how the Catholic church continues to re-abuse by refusing to take responsibility for the actions of their clergy. Further, Twist of Faith shows how spouses and children become colaterally injured by the abuse. In the end, this documentary is about the painful and awkward recovery of a troubled man. From my perspective we see how difficult this sort of process becomes when we try and make sense of our traumas on our own.

Maeva F (us) wrote: boring as hell dispite great acting.

Dave J (kr) wrote: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 (2002) Cypher SCIENCE- FICTION/ THRILLER Straight to rental movie with Jeremy Northam starring as Morgan Sullivan, a man who's looking forward to being hired by well renown agency called "Digicorp", a global computer corporation. They send him off going to listen to sessions throughout the United States using a whole new identity only to be guided by the Lucy Liu character as Rita Foster- it is their is whenthe real movie begins and is not what it appears to be. Another social commentary film about possible possibilities about the digital world which is like a Philip K. Dick type of story of movies such as Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall except it includes a ton of other movies which the others don't need to be watched in order to enjoy this. Other inspirations include "A Clockwork Orange", "Eagle Eye" using instead are some bad special effects so with a bigger budget, this might've been quite decent. It also lacks a general amount of suspense! 3 out of 4

Jordan C (kr) wrote: 5 HUNDRED DOLLA!!!!!

Jeffrey O (ca) wrote: Some pretty funny bits. Entertaining, but not spectacular.

Heather R (us) wrote: super cliche, predictable from the start, but obviously a nice happy ending.

Randy T (it) wrote: "Pride is seldom delicate, it will please itself with very mean advantages; and envy feels not its own happiness, but when it may be compared with the misery of others" -Samuel JohnsonWealthy socialite Julie Marsden (Bette Davis) gets her feelings hurt when her beau (Henry Fonda) is unable to accompany her to pick up a dress for the ball. Her selfish and spiteful nature takes over and essentially wreaks havoc throughout the rest of the film, causing at least one man's death and nearly wrecking the marriage of another. All of which makes for fantastic drama, until the very end of the film when poor Julie sees the error of her ways and performs a single act of attrition that's supposed to make up for all the misery and hurt she's caused. If it weren't for the cop-out ending, this would be a five star film. Self-centered, conceited little miss Marsden would have to do a whole lot more than ride outta' town in the back of a wagon before I'd agree that she redeemed herself. One can only hope that she later contracted bubonic plague and, while in a coma, had her eyes pecked out by hungry crows.

jay n (gb) wrote: Okay drama of aging rocker trying to be there for her family after many years away isn't bad but goes on about ten minutes longer than it should.