Till Sunset

Till Sunset

The story begins as three strangers wake up in the woods beside a freshly dug grave. The trio must figure out why they have been left here while running away from the hooded axe wielding killer lurking around... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tarin P (es) wrote: This is probably the first feature length film that I have seen about teenage cyber bullying. It tells a cool story about a teenager that trusts the wrong people and looses her friends, her reputation at school and almost her life. It teaches a valuable lesson about trusting strangers and also has some mystery as she tries to figure out who is the person that pretty much ruined her life. In this film the tension builds up when every next day of her life gets worst and worst.But at the start of the film the plot twist gets ruined when you see the person who is disguised as a stranger, and it makes no sense what so ever. It's also funny at the end when the main character stands up to her bully and says that "Bullying is not nice." and after that bunch of people stand up and say the same thing which could work in a teen comedy but in a serious movie like this it's just silly and stupid.

carol b (gb) wrote: another great heartwarming show

Daniel C (es) wrote: When a rich businessman's wife suddenly dies in an accident, his despair is so deep he is unable to maintain any aspect of his life except for the deep, loving support of his daughter. Every day, instead of going to the office, he takes the little girl to school, then spends the day sitting in the park across the street, waiting for her day to end so he can take her to gymnastics class, then home. He wishes she would come to her classroom window and look down at him. Executives from his office come to the park to talk, to conspire about a merger, one comes to offer him the CEO job. He has no interest. He is in the world of the park and his daughter and the people who pass through the park every day. And just this, no plot, no action, this is enough to make a great movie. Only Europeans have the sophistication to see the power in the smallest detail and translate it to film. In the US we are cheated from seeing pictures like this of our own by a film making system that thinks only 18 year old boys buy tickets. Because in the US we forgot long ago that film is an art, not a get rich quick scheme. These European stars can really act. They don't make Jennifer Aniston movies. Can somebody get rid of her, by the way? Put her under house arrest with no cameras?

Shelley M (mx) wrote: Awesome movie! Watch it over and over again!

Miles W (jp) wrote: Loved this movie so much!! Had me laughing and I loved the love scenes throughout the movie with true couples. Definitely recommended to everyone who loves the movie "Enchanted" like myself.

Dan G (gb) wrote: This was an absolutely fabulous movie about relationships, trust, and friendships. Very worth the watch. One of the best I've seen recently.

Nancy The Shieldmaiden (gb) wrote: The first movie I ever saw Rupert Everet and Cary Elwes in. An excellent drama and love story.

Mike R (ca) wrote: Relentless in it's pursuit to cause discomfort.

Ricardo O (au) wrote: A wildly perverse, surreal and original film that takes it's traditional type of story of a hit man who kills each of his adversaries in some of the most unique ways you will ever see in a crime film. This movie can't really be described in words, it must be seen to be believed. Until the last 20 minutes I would have said Tokyo Drifter was a little bit better but with the interactions of No. 3 Killer & No. 1 Killer and the final, climactic scene in a gymnasium it tops even that one. Watch this highly entertaining crime film from one of the greatest mavericks of world cinema. 9/10