TILT is a love story set against the backdrop of the changing political and social environment in Europe in the late 80's and early 90's. Can this love survive the challenges of emigration, a violent homeland and immoral social atmosphere thanks to a gang of adventurous friends?

TILT is a love story set against the backdrop of the changing political and social environment in Europe in the late 80's and early 90's. Can this love survive the challenges of emigration,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bilal S (au) wrote: Awful. It's only redeeming quality is the hilarity that comes from seeing the horrible special effects and the terrible acting.

Jana S (ag) wrote: Sci-Fi meets immigration debate when technology allows labor to be exploited from a distance.

Pete S (nl) wrote: Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu chase each other through a hail of bullets, broken glass and pointless explosions in this borderline nonsensical action flick.

pete 1 (fr) wrote: one of the best british comedies in the last ten years,very funny,the ending with all the sick is still gross though

Private U (fr) wrote: Will you do my wash still?

Alexander C (es) wrote: Romance im thinking?

Jamie T (ca) wrote: really good movie always have been a george strait fan

Ross M (ca) wrote: Over the top, non-stop stream of action and WTF moments. It's crazy, wacky, and so confident in itself that you can't help but like it. Easily one of John Carpenter's best films.

Manny C (ag) wrote: Most like to call Woodstock the definitive rock and roll doc, and while it is good, it still cannot hold a candle to what D.A. Pennebaker's footage of the Monterey Pop festival captures.The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane bring the home pride, The Who scare the heck out of everyone, Janis Joplin sings with an abandonment not seen by anyone since (leaving Mama Cass in awe), Otis Redding brings gritty soul to the hippies and Jimi Hendrix blows everyone away with a iconic set.

Simon D (nl) wrote: A hugely hyped film by real film critics however, I tend to rate my films based on how much I enjoyed watching it rather than how influencial and ground-breaking a film might have been back in the 1920's. Obviously, to see such an old Russian film about revolution, albeit over a few maggots, is still interesting but I didn't take an awful lot from this film unfortunately.

Tim D (nl) wrote: Not an overly bad film, has a couple of little scares along the way but nothing really scary. I found it to be quite predictable in places and nothing really surprised me. It's worth a watch if you like your ghost films

Wayne K (gb) wrote: Not quite as entertaining or emotionally resonant as the previous instalment, The Order Of The Phoenix is nevertheless an excellent movie that stands among the series' greatest. The feud between Potter and Voldemort continues to build, the supporting characters have their contributions to make, and you always get the feeling that something very real is at stake. With the school being essentially dismantled by the vicious Imelda Staunton, the Cheshire Cat mixed with Nurse Ratched, it seems like all is collapsing around them, and not only does it provide great excitement, it also builds anticipation for the following films. Yes, the bullies are still unimproved and offer nothing interesting. And yes, it may have skipped parts of the source material. But the characters are involving, the story is well-told and the climax is absolutely fantastic, an epic amalgam of stunning images and brutal conflict. See it if you haven't already.

Tim M (us) wrote: Watched for Jackson and Jovovich, got Skarsgard and Hutchison as bonus. It's a pretty lame story about a bank heist a cello playing cop, but the acting is good. The director of Blood and Wine does well, but it's generally lackluster. Get to see a little Jovovich nipple, but this is just for die-hard fans of noirs or the actors.

Greg W (gb) wrote: ok rom-com and version of this 3x told tale