Handsome but backward gardener Tim Melville has a new woman in his life. She is Mary, his widowed employer, a woman who had given up on love until she had found Tim. At first they are friends. But soon they become lovers, as Mary, drawn to Tim's innocence and magnetism, begins to teach him all about life - and love.

Tim is a young man with below average intelligence. He works as a builder's labourer, and is often taken advantage of by his fellow workers and other people. Mary asks Tim to work around her yard for a day. The day stretches into a few weekends, and the two soon become good friends. Some people, however, are suspicious of their friendship which seems to be continually strengthening, accusing Mary of taking advantage of Tim's innocence. Will changing circumstances in Tim's family life change his relationship with Mary? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg C (br) wrote: Treat Williams and Ronny Cox... this movie had "B" written all over it before the shooting started. Best line of the movie "We brought dinosaurs back to life... for real". Need I go further? Oh, and a helicopter scene with "Thread the needle" and "5 by 5"... with no needle and, well no radio contact. In the end this is an endless stream of cliche action clips and poor animation. Roughly outlined, guy takes his daughter to a boring stem cell research event and dinosaurs start eating folks. Guy runs around losing his daughter and beating up said dinosaurs with a 2"x4". Oh, and apparently Ceratosaurus are bullet proof. Sorry, this review is jumbled, but so was the movie. My 9 YO, (who's a dino mad man) wondered loudly, "How did that Spino get to that building roof?... they must of had dino stairs". Umm... yeah.

Divina D (mx) wrote: wa ko kasabot...mixed emotions...

Carla H (ag) wrote: An oversimple tragedy of a young man told in a manner that's affecting only because its pacing and techniques are too familiar. For one that finds it too conventional, the suspense melts away, and the affection is lost. One is then left with slushy water to wallow in in this not-quite-solid sighful winter of a film.

BLACTACULAR (es) wrote: Once you are committed to knowing there are subtitles you can get into this Russian flick. This is sequel is stellar. Night Watch set up the story that is followed by Day Watch and the third installment of Twilight Watch. This trilogy of Good vs. Evil and the delicate balance of their truce and shows you that their isn't always Good and Evil but a gray area in between.

Sean H (ca) wrote: Inspired to watch this by our series The Sixties. Really compelling. Can't believe I haven't watched it before.

Adam R (nl) wrote: A unique but empty film. The style was overdone and unappealing. (First and only viewing - 7/19/2014)

Andrs H (nl) wrote: 'Animula vagula blandula Hospes comesque corporis' (Little soul of mine, tender and soft, sweet companion of my body). Capturing Rene Magritte's surreal paintings, this film about identity portrays an unforgettable cinematic and dynamic style of beauty.

Aden J (au) wrote: I absolutely loved this 80's slasher movie. It has the eerie ambience and the mask was terrifying. I cannot believe this Canadian movie is underrated. The actors who portrayed these characters did a splendid job, especially Samantha Eggar. The tagline for this film, "6 beautiful actresses trying to get ahead, but when the curtain falls, 5 will be dead" implies the premise for you. The synopsis goes along the lines as this: An eccentric movie director, John Vernon (played by Jonathan Stryker) isolates his actress wife, Samantha (played by the amazing Samantha Eggar) in a mental institute to help her portray the mannerisms of a mad woman for a new role, but he doesn't release her for a very long time. Years later (now this is where the plot primarily starts), the director invites 6 actresses to his secluded estate for a prestigious audition for the title role in his latest film, Audra. When one of the chosen actresses mysteriously doesn't show up, they all presume she is unable to make it, so they carry on as it were. But a masked weapon wielding killer prows the premises of the villa and kills each actress, one by one. Supposedly, it's one of the 5 actresses attended- in order to obtain the assigned role. I cannot tell you enough how much i enjoyed this film. It's much more than a typical 80's slasher film- it's even more some. I possess 2 copies of this film; VHS and DVD . It's one of those rare stylish gems. :)

Lucas Lima B (de) wrote: Excelente Filme De Ao,Antonio Banderas Est timo E Tambm Steve Buscemi E Salma Hayek

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