Time Barbarians

Time Barbarians

A warrior king has swordfights with ugly savages that crouch around the forest and snarl a lot. An evil bad guy, bent on doing evil things, kills his wife and flees to modern day Los Angeles. The warrior chases after him to avenge his wife's death.

A medieval warrior chases a bad guy to modern day Los Angeles to avenge the death of his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cathlene B (ag) wrote: Glenn Close is wonderful, as she is in everything I've seen her in.

Brody M (nl) wrote: Blood On The Highway was awesomely hilarious.I knew when Bone picked up that...... & flung it at his dad I was going to like this movie.I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did though

Leo L (fr) wrote: Great movie with a fascinating story plot about an undercover FBI agent who realizes that following the path of his father isn't so remarkable as he had once assumed. Struggling to come to terms with the deception, he realizes that in the end it is his choice alone but the consequences are great. Cole Hauser, James Cromwell, and Laurence Fishburne stars. Definitely worth seeing.

Johanna K (mx) wrote: I liked this! And I like revenge...not THIS tough revenge though!

Chris D (kr) wrote: Great Disney Classic.....

urn (ru) wrote: Just entertaining enough; I guess I was in the right mood, and the actors pull the low-key script off.

Guh N (gb) wrote: Friggin' one of the funniest movies ever. Some of the best lines ever. I laugh everytime, sometimes harder than the previous.

Matthew M (ru) wrote: Pointless, emotionless, tensionless drivel of the highest order.


Kevin M (fr) wrote: As a trash connoisseur, it was a only matter of time before I experienced the oeuvre of Andy Milligan -- mysoginistic sadistic hack extraordinaire -- and "Guru" is a decent primer to his, err, distinctive style. While the film is sluggishly paced, ineptly photographed and written with the finesse of an eight-year-old, it's never boring for an instant. A would-be expose of Catholic hypocrisy, most of the running time consists of cringingly on-the-nose dialogue interspersed with mind-bogglingly inept gore effects. Imagine Ken Russell's "The Devils" on a ten dollar budget, with no continuity whatsoever, and you're getting close to the level of incompetence on display. There are some unintentional moments of hilarity involving Guru's hunchbacked servant and his very poor prosthetic makeup, and at a breezy 55 minutes the film barely qualifies for feature length but does not overstay its welcome.

Mathieu C (nl) wrote: Very romantic period piece about a boy who is abandoned and raised by his unknowing grandfather during napoleonic Europe. The film takes many interesting turns and only slows down on some occasions. Very good film and worth tracking down

Logan T (kr) wrote: It might offer some good visuals and themes,but Star Trek The Motion Picture is a chore to sit through. It's not the best Star Trek film,but it's easily not the worst.