Time Bomb

Time Bomb

A gang of terrorists tries to hijack a truck carrying plutonium.

A gang of terrorists tries to hijack a truck carrying plutonium. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Time Bomb torrent reviews

Jeremy S (mx) wrote: Not as good as Theory of Everything. Cumberbatch does well though.

Jonathan S (it) wrote: This is an independent and strange film. Beutiful landscapes of Bariloche are shown and a strange storyline is played there.

John T (nl) wrote: This movie could have been amazing. The ninja fighting was bad ass. The aliens on the other hand were so cheap looking. It was like an Asian troma movie. They were so bad that it downgraded the movie.

Daniel P (de) wrote: True story where John Ritter plays an abusive father but he fixes the problem by amazingly changing his life til this day. Touching Movie

Nancy H (it) wrote: I can't remember ever being moved and disgusted at the same time before this.

Sui G (it) wrote: One of the better Adam Sandler movies in my opinion.

Olga P (es) wrote: just saw it on hulu free. after 30 yrs, I still found it beautiful, engaging and fascinating. Acting and directing are superb.

Emily B (it) wrote: When it comes to Brit movies I prefer ones from the 60s but this was actually alright and better than I expected. Margaret Rutherford was rather funny too.

Clay B (br) wrote: ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS (1939)

Russell H (nl) wrote: great cast. very cool to see how this all played out.

Keith W (au) wrote: i love this movie got great cars and cool story

Des S (mx) wrote: Not the best movie I've seen, but it had its entertaining parts.