Time for Loving

Time for Loving

A comedy about the adventures of several families during their sea vacations.

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Time for Loving torrent reviews

lhan (kr) wrote: Kesinlikle eglenceli bir romantik komedi. Fas, Marakes.

Isadore H (de) wrote: A bit predictable, but still a fun and gory movie that is a bit over the top. Definitely not for everyone, but if you think you are interested in it, chances are you'll like it.

Garret G (es) wrote: Great documentary for all rock fans!

Sohil S (us) wrote: Walter Salles is pure brilliance ...

Tom H (us) wrote: scary movie for kids! it`s fun seeing a very young Stacy Fergusonscream in terror! . the monster is actually very good and memorable. the movie itself is fairly decent.

Clinton K (de) wrote: A Don Knotts slapstick vehicle-- you ought to know what to expect. Silly and harmless.

Barbara C (au) wrote: Robert Redford is wonderful in this; Natalie Wood had terrible direction but I still liked her. Reminded me of how beautiful Christopher Plummer was in the early days - swoon worthy. What is great about this is the story and the idea for the story. Someone should remake this with the same theme but without the horrible songs and 60s mod. Seems interesting to me that they directly address gay actors marrying straight actresses. Ruth Gordon was nominated for her role here so it is worth watching for that.

Joseph S (it) wrote: Funny, romantic, and engaging. Proof that romantic comedies used to be both.

Jay M (kr) wrote: For a Bio movie, this was pretty good; It had a few add on's, I'm sure, to the life, of the legendary, actor & martial artist, to amplify, the feeling, of drama... But all & all I'm sure it was pretty accurate to a lot of parts of his life.~I give this Bio film a B (Bright)

Allan D (au) wrote: Not as bad as being made out.

Justin B (br) wrote: Stupid and barebones but passable b-movie

Igor A (de) wrote: epten amaterski film so Michael Madsen i Jeff Fahey