Time Of My Life

Time Of My Life

Based on a true story, 'Tot altijd' introduces us to a band of friends in the eighties, who spend their days enjoying their youth and turbulent (love) life. Years later, Thomas, a recent medicine graduate and Mario's closest friend, gets stuck between a rock and a hard place when he diagnoses Mario with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Though not a fatal disease, it slowly consumes the patient's bodily functions and - in some cases - their minds. Mario becomes the leading spokesman for the action group "Waardig Sterven" ("Dignified Death") in support of the Belgian legalisation of euthanasia. Thomas does everything in his power to avoid losing his best friend, but also can't stand the sight of his continued degeneration...

Time Of My Life 2012 follows Mario, an aspiring politician, mounts a vigorous campaign to legalize euthanasia in Belgium after he learns that he has an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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