Time to Kill

Time to Kill

1936, Italian army is invading Ethiopia. Lieutenant Silvestri suffering toothache decides to reach the nearest camp hospital. But the lorry has an accident and stop near a rock, so Silvestri continues by walk. On his way he meets and rapes a wonderful young Ethiopian. He also wound her when he shot to a wild animal, and later kills her to avoid further pain. When he finally reaches the hospital, he realizes he gets probably leprosy. Trying to escape from Ethiopia Silvestri will kill again. But surprises aren't still over.

1936, Italian army is invading Ethiopia. Lieutenant Silvestri suffering toothache decides to reach the nearest camp hospital. But the lorry has an accident and stop near a rock, so ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (nl) wrote: Girls against boys is ok about two girls getting even with guys that wronged them. c+

Ashley C (us) wrote: You pretty much get what you expected with this one. A plot that is completely ALL over the place... from naked girls in Nixon masks, to dead nuns, to Bigfoot, to Nazis in a basement. This movie doesn't disappoint, if you are into the cheesy style of the 70s exploitation film. A lot of it doesn't make sense, but I am assuming if you saw the cover art, that's what you're looking for in a movie. Super gory, some insanely violent scenes.... not for people who are squeamish or offended easily!

Walter M (ru) wrote: In "Goats," 15-year old Ellis(Graham Phillips, of "The Good Wife) is leaving home for the first time to attend a prep school back east and will not be around anymore to do the bookkeeping for his mom(Vera Farmiga). What she is really angry about is that this might bring him into the orbit of the estranged baby daddy(Ty Burrell), but at least she has Bennet(Justin Kirk, always where the pot is) to keep her company. And at least Goat Man(David Duchovny) promises to send Ellis some weed which would not be such a big problem if Ellis and his roommate Barney(Nicholas Lobue) were not caught smoking by the track coach(Anthony Anderson) who in turn blackmails Ellis into trying out for the team. In the entry in the dictionary for the word scattershot, there should be a copy of the movie poster of "Goats, as aimless it can be, emphasizing the strange places some of us have to go for our Vera Farmiga fix. So, maybe you can't make a very good movie involving goats. The important thing is the movie is also brimming with non sequiturs which in the right place, namely here, can be sort of fun, as the movie follows a teenager coming of age and choosing who he wants to be while being torn between two very different lifestyles. And it does not hurt that David Duchovny gives a surprisingly relaxed performance while Keri Russell proves that "The Americans" is no fluke.

Noname (ru) wrote: A pretty good lighthearted drama movie i must say with a very simple and enjoyable story. Its from the same producer that made "Little Miss Sunshine" and its a similar feeling into it aswell but i liked this movie much more. In the main role we have the talent and very cute actress , Amy Adams. The story follows 2 sisters trying to earn more money by cleaning up crime scenes etc.. a story which is enjoyable and easy to understand which is always positive. I can easily recommend this flick and its probably among the top 10 dramas for this year so far.

Thomas B (de) wrote: Grade - B-It's highly entertaining throughout and poses some thought provoking ideas, all supported by stunning visuals and good performances. However, its screenplay is a bit of a mixed bag, and some of the ideas intended to be philosophically meaningful come off as ridiculous and, ultimately, silly.

Giorgos K (us) wrote: One of the best films out there! A magnificent film, had me in tears almost the whole time. Outstanding performances from Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning & Michelle Pfeiffer.

Panayiota K (it) wrote: i couldn't even finish it. so so boring

David F (fr) wrote: A beautiful gangster film set in 1999 with a believable story of redemption, 'Belly' drags at times and doesn't quite fill in the psychologies of its characters but the stylishness of experienced music video director Hype Williams makes it enjoyable.

Ethan L (gb) wrote: Aside from it's abrupt ending and the stupid (yet natural) mistakes the protagonists have made, there isn't a lot of problem with this honest coming of age film. Honestly, I even feel bad for them.

Tony F (jp) wrote: Best Jason Alexander role ever! Kicks George Castanza's @$$!

Blake P (mx) wrote: After recently viewing such erotic thriller classics as "Basic Instinct" and "Wild Things," I've come to the conclusion that melodramatic, sexy psychological thrillers are perhaps my utmost guilty pleasure. I love how over-the-top they are, visually Hitchcockian and dramatically humungous, with a stealthy soundtrack symphonically heightening the untamed emotions of each scene. A couple of sex scenes peppered in and you've got a tale of suspense with multiple extra kicks, so trashy and so sordid that we'd like to call it high entertainment because the entertainment factor is so high. The mid-1990s were the genre's pinnacle, several trying to imitate the successes of "Fatal Attraction" and "Basic Instinct" most prominently. An early example comes in the shape of "Final Analysis," released just a month before the former. Neurotic and malicious, it has moments of insight, but eventually falls into the trap of over-plotting; it is too fond of the plot twist, forgetting that viewers like to gasp but not so much so that breathing becomes a difficulty. It commences with aptitude only to fly off the rails sometime after Plot Twist #1 is revealed - after that, it becomes an eye-roll of a film, passing itself off as more of a wannabe steamer than a worthy one. In "Final Analysis," Richard Gere plays Dr. Isaac Barr, a respected psychiatrist currently treating Diana Baylor (Uma Thurman), a young woman suffering from horrific recurring nightmares. It is a case not unlike many that he's already undergone, so things get much more interesting when he is introduced to Diana's sister, Heather Evans (Kim Basinger), a comely blonde trapped in a marriage to a self-loathing gangster (Eric Roberts). It takes Isaac and Heather only a few moments to pursue the considerable chemistry that rests between them, and, before long, a hot and heavy affair consumes their lives. But, unbeknownst to Isaac, Heather suffers from a disease known as "pathological intoxication," through which a mere sip of alcohol can cause the victim to go completely berserk (we experience it firsthand through one laughable scene in which Heather has a drop of red wine at a fancy restaurant and ends up having a screaming fit that ends in a tackle). So when her husband is found bludgeoned to death, she becomes the prime suspect. But will her instability keep her out of the slammer? I recall writing a review of Pedro Almodvar's "Live Flesh" a while back where I discussed the succession of thrillers who try too hard to be sexy and thrilling and dramatic and stylish, but end up awkwardly attempting to combine all characteristics or unevenly spotlighting aspects of each. But I praised "Live Flesh" for doing it all with flashy subtlety - "Final Analysis," unfortunately, is the kind of film that falls under the aforementioned poor succession. It's more risible and self-serious than sensual and suspenseful, certainly under the impression that heavy doses of twists, of turns, equals a complex and smart thriller. But it doesn't feel like a slick game of oneupmanship on the part of its director, Phil Joanou; it feels like a weak Hitchcock tribute. Never are we convinced of what it has to provide, both stylistically (which is sometimes juicily noiry) and story wise. The leading actors, possessing star personas that would make their inclusion in any film something to behold, seem stranded in a movie dressed up with no place to go. Gere is on auto-pilot, hero 101, if you will, as the film's leading man - his character is thinly written, without much of a personality to make us root for him. Basinger assures us that she's a worthy leading lady early on, but her performance later descends into camp so campy that I'd go so far as to say that she, plain and simply, misfires (but try reading her lines, committing the actions of her character - how effective would you be?). Only Thurman and Roberts are worthy of our time, she a would-be victim with a lot of tricks up her sleeve, he hammy and noticeably masochistic. But "Final Analysis" is a misstep of a movie, a bad reflection of cinematic trends of the time without the heat and entertainment value of its better counterparts. With all the talent involved, it's hard to see what necessarily went wrong - and yet, it's easy, knowing that confidence can be a dangerous animal. A sure thing can't always be so sure.

Jason M (au) wrote: KInda disappointing, even for a 1989 flick. Its a very shallow story that never really makes you care or feel for Crusoe. The plot lines are not rewarding and just dont go anywhere. That being said, its still a fun subject. Perhaps the film is true to the book, so what ya gonna do....

Marcus W (jp) wrote: Very good film if you've got the stomach for it.