Time Warrior

Time Warrior

When two teenage boys play a pirated video game, they become recruited to the service of the lord of war, the father of all conflict and war since the beginning of the earth.

When two teenage boys play a pirated video game, they become recruited to the service of the lord of war, the father of all conflict and war since the beginning of the earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claudia F (mx) wrote: Nobody wins, everybody loses. That is what Dror Zahavi shows in this movie about Tarek (Shredy Jabarin), an Arab man who finds himself guilty because of his family's honor is ruined. In this context, he committed himself to honor his family by being a suicide-bomber but the bomb turns out to be a dud, and he end up meeting people suffering because of the same war, Israel vs. Palestine. His trajectory is a no way out, and he is forced to reexamine his choice since he became friends with Katz (Shlomo Vishinsky), an aging eletrician who lost his son in the Israeli army, and with Keren (Hili Yalon), a lovely girl who left her Orthodox family.

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