Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell

The life story of Nesta Robert Marley, Rastafarian prophet who with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer brought the powerful message of reggae music to the world outside their native Jamaica. Narration consists of selections from Marley's taped interviews.

The life story of Nesta Robert Marley, Rastafarian prophet who with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer brought the powerful message of reggae music to the world outside their native Jamaica. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate R (es) wrote: It's quite rare these days to find a film that is intelligent. From the words spoken to the final frame there is no wasted motion. Everything plays into this dark tale of revenge. Furthermore it touches on how religion, classicism, sin, and rage destroy even our strongest ideals. In only his second film, fashion designer turned director Tom Ford is proving himself quite the artist.

Barbara C (nl) wrote: It's good natured and funny without ever taking anything too seriously. It's not a fabulous film (compared with Waking Ned Devine) but I found it charming which seemed to be its ambition. I acknowledge my Gleeson and Kitsch positive bias.

Andrew A (au) wrote: i watched this and wept. havent met my expectation but a good movie all the same

Brian F (jp) wrote: Such a great film...& amazing views of the pacific northwest...very introspective. Makes me want to move there...

Rupa B (ca) wrote: A potent film about a young girl who has to decide whether to take the path her alcoholic mother took or find a better way. If it wasnt for what happened at the very end, I wouldnt have liked this film as much.

Steve D (nl) wrote: A decent sequel but you won??t remember it tomorrow

Jeremy K (fr) wrote: This film is so stupid, its actually hysterically good in spots. nd I've been watching and collecting this film since 1980!

Eric F (ca) wrote: Francois Truffaut ("The 400 Blows"/"Jules and Jim"/"The Wild Child"), one of the most beloved and prolific directors to emerge from the French new wave movement, directed this tribute to Alfred Hitchcock in 1968. Two years prior, Truffaut had released "Fahrenheit 451", which was one of his lesser works as he restrained himself to meet the comforts of the Hollywood system. "The Bride Wore Black", however, retains it's nouvelle vague sensibilities whilst embracing the Hollywood tradition. Although it's not one of his better works, it's a noteworthy piece in that it's narrative is virtually identical to Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films (Tarantino said he never saw "The Bride Wore Black" prior to filming them, however).The film is based on the novel of the same name by Cornell Woolrich, and it's a simple revenge tale which follows the stoic bride, Julie Kohler (Jeanne Moreau), as she kills the five men responsible for the death of her husband. The five men, all wealthy, were recklessly handling a rifle inside an apartment when a shot was accidentally fired, killing Julie's husband on the church steps immediately following their wedding ceremony.The first of the men is the playboy, Bliss (Claude Rich), who confronts Julie at a party she had not been invited to. The second is Coral (Michel Bouquet), a lonely man whom she takes to a concert. Next comes Morane (Michael Lonsdale), whom she kills by disguising herself as his son's teacher, Delvaux (Daniel Boulanger), a slimy used car dealer, and Fergus (Charles Denner), a womanizing artist who falls in love with her.Although the material sounds like every torture porn released this decade, it's surprisingly inventive, clever, and even, at times, darkly humorous. The murders are never disturbing because of the creative ways they're set up and shot, and the film's success is it's remarkable ability to build suspense on five separate occasions. While the film is a bit implausible (we're never told how Kohler found the five men outside of "it took a long time"), it's a series of entertaining episodes that offer laughs, scares, and surprises.The film is scored by Bernard Herrman, the long-time Hitchcock collaborator, which adds to the homage. Where Truffaut's imitation differs from Hitchcock's films, however, is that everyone one of it's characters is kept at an arm's distance, and the plot is entirely minimalist. Also different is the fact that the bride's motivation is revealed around the half-point of the film, whereas Hitchcock may have reserved such a reveal for the final reel.

Guido A (us) wrote: Palmer forever. It starts getting outdated...

Stephanie D (ag) wrote: Not one of my favorite musicals. A bit strange and Gordon MacRae creeps me out.

Jose Luis M (au) wrote: Una oportunidad ms de ver a Greta Gerwig.

Matt R (fr) wrote: above average DTV thriller with the ever charming Mr Zane... worth a watch (my down loaded copy had crap sound though!).