A group of archaeological students become trapped in the past when they go there to retrieve their professor. The group must survive in 14th century France long enough to be rescued.

The film is based on the same name novel. A team of students from Yale determine to find their professor after he is lost without traces.So that they must come to 14th century France with many the ups and downs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thaddaeus D (us) wrote: very heart warming film that what is very precious about the gift of life adversities Camille come here in Miami to live

Max E (jp) wrote: Now I'm not really one for documentaries. I often find them tedious, long-winded, ugly and preachy. Hell and Back Again has certainly grabbed my interest and surprised me in a specific area.This film bounces between scenes in Afghanistan, which themselves range from all out combat to negotiations with local villagers, to the life of Nathan Harris, an injured soldier who's learning to recover from his wounds. Its style is observation, almost fly on the wall. It's not investigative, opinionated, preachy, or particularly biased. One empathises quite easily with Harris' situation, though whether you sympathise with his profession or not is up to you. While in some respect the film gives a sense of the reality of soldiers and their bravery on and off the battlefield, it also demonstrates some of the limited personalities of some involved. Harris doesn't come across as one of his country's brightest, and his casual playing with his guns at home is something much scarier to me than any battlefield. He gives a few hints and telling tales that can underline this idea that some people in society are only good enough to fight.This Is War, a film from a few years ago, was a lot more involved and provided a lot more substance over style. Of course I bring that up because of its contrast with this piece. Hell and Back Again is one of the most gorgeous documentaries I've seen yet. No doubt much of the footage was left out because it didn't look nice enough, regardless of relevance to the topic. Much of the scenes back in the States are filmed with a fairly shallow depth of field, producing a lovely soft focus, twinkly lights, and coupled with convenient lighting this results in something prettier than quite a few feature films I've watched over the last few months.I think that's why this appeals to me so much. It stands out as a pretty documentary, and not a pretty landscape reel - there are plenty of those around already. This showed me how good real life can look with the right camera and lenses. It sounds fantastic as well, and I'm eager to find out the details of how it was shot and captured.To sum up, I enjoyed this - its story, theme, style, and most of all its photography and sound. It was brilliantly made and deserves to be seen, whether you're into documentaries or not.

Nitesh C (kr) wrote: a better movie from pawan after long time....but not srely the best movie for trivikram

Stephen M (au) wrote: It was creative. And interesting to watch for a few minutes but gets tiresome and boring quickly. The problem with it was that it was too overwhelming. The visuals way overshadowed a weak, overdone played out story. Too many character poses were applied just because it looked cool was forced into almost every scene. The characters were poorly developed and the action was way too fast paced that the director does little to allow a break in the story. It's always tricky to blend a period piece with modern fads just to make for a more fun fantasy adventure, this was a fail. Probably would have come off better as an anime.

Walter S (au) wrote: Social commentary. Interesting look at class, race, and entitlement as six American women wait for the chance to adopt a baby in an un-named latin American country.

Carolina V (kr) wrote: Buena dosis de humor directo pero no demasiado tonto.

Rawballs B (au) wrote: Enjoyable enough to be damned by Aaliya's surprising acting...

Dan B (es) wrote: "Les Morsures De L'Aube". Living in the UK it's always something of a surprise to be reminded that back in France Antoine De Caune has a career that doesn't revolve around ironically interviewing German swingers. Here he directs a gallic take on the ol' 'met a vampire in a nightclub' story, which I think may becoming a genre in its own right. The dialogue between the two male leads lifts the movie above the completely mundane, but there's not much new here and the ending is something of a banal cheat.

Ben H (br) wrote: one of australia's best!

Larry W (gb) wrote: Still Campion's best.

Wahida K (de) wrote: ILU! ILU!It was so much fun to watch this Movie I remember. This Movie has a tiny bit of everything but it was great to see two Bollywood Mega Superstars in one Movie.Both late Raaj Kumar and Dilip Kumar were awesome and Manisha and Vivek Mushran. I wonder what is Vivek doing these days?

Jonathan S (au) wrote: Chaplin: master of comedy and apparently rollerskates.

Pete G (jp) wrote: Not sparks best story but certainly up there