Times Square

Times Square

Two ill-matched teenage girls form a punk band and soon have New York by its ears.

Two ill-matched teenage girls form a punk band and soon have New York by its ears. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andreas J (gb) wrote: Feel-good romantisk komedi som inte r i nrheten av att bli sdr sliskigt sentimental som vissa filmer verkar vilja bli.

Gary B (nl) wrote: The idea was a nice one but the execution wasn't great and turned this into a piece of fluff. Not a fan of Amanda Seyfried, she has no star quality and is a dull actress. Combine that with a guy from home and away with a poor British accent and not the greatest performance from Gael Garcia Bernal who can usually do no wrong, it doesn't make a great combo. Re cast and redirected it might have been ok.

Fergus S (kr) wrote: Childhood innocence should not be played out on screen like this.

Charlie G (br) wrote: Interesting Some high end actors are interviewed. Touched a little about hydrogen cars.

Eric H (br) wrote: Stylish and masterfully shot, but the writing is poor.

Francesca B (us) wrote: I thought Leonardo was great in this. I really enjoyed it. No idea why people say its rotten. I was engrossed.

Joseph L (es) wrote: Great performances all the way around. David Tennant did an amazing job as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart again showed how great an actor he really is. The Bard would be proud.

Parker R (us) wrote: Dull, unimaginative and as generic as any horror movie could get, not to mention the absence of scares.

Pasha A (jp) wrote: Very little Woody in it.

Danny R (ag) wrote: A Chicago mob enforcer Nick Devlin played in grand performance by Lee Marvin who is as always a charismatic and compulsively watchable screen presence, is sent to Kansas City to settle a debt with depraved cattle rancher named "Mary Ann" who owes the Chicago mob $500,000, he is played by Gene Hackman who proves once again that he is master in playing larger-than-life-villains. Mary Ann is a serious kind of sadistic monster who not only grinds his enemies into sausages, but sells teenage naked girls drugged into passivity as sex slaves. One of the young girls is played by Sissy Spacek in her film debut, she is rescued by Devlin which enrages Mary Ann who is now out to kill Devlin. Excellent tongue-in-cheek crime melodrama, well-cast with a effective supporting performance by Gregory Walcott as a sadist named Weenie. Fine direction by Michael Ritchie and beautiful cinematography by Gene Polite. This movie rocks a great period the 70s, and pulls no punches in all the right places. A prime delight. Highly Recommended.

Chrisanne S (nl) wrote: Ok. By now I'm tired of the old plot. Although Judy does get to laugh at him . . .

Raji K (gb) wrote: Disney in 1942 presented us with the story of the young deer Bambi. Although the film came out in 1942, there are probably not many who knows does not know of the demise of Bambi's mother. This was such a bold and strong move that Disney made, that would never be in today's modern PC world. This portion of the film represents not even more than 10 minutes of the movie, but remains a powerful scene. If you are like I was, and did not remember anything else in the movie, but this scene and the character Thumper, the rest of the film is as follows. Bambi is born as the new prince deer of the forest and all the animals of the forest are eager to meet him. As Bambi grows up he learns to walk and speak with the help of his rabbit friend Thumper. Bambi learns the ways of nature as he learns of the beautiful flowers in the spring. There is an excellent scene where he huddles with his mother as a terrible thunderstorm frightens him. In the harshness of winter, he learns how to survive with minimal food. He also learns to enjoy winter as he cascades across the ice with Thumper. He explores a meadow with his mother and learns the dangers of mankind, and how being in an open field makes him more exposed. Bambi features gorgeous backdrops of nature and the animation of the forest animals on top of it. Even for 1942 the film looks good, and holds up rather well. A majority of the film syncs up beautiful orchestra music perfectly in tune to the movements of the characters. Much of the film is almost like a longer nature scene from Fantasia. Additional characters include Bambi's endearing mother, his happy bunny friend Thumper, and a shy skunk who Bambi names Flower. Bambi's father is a masculine elk that is wise and has lived a long life and embodies what Bambi should become. As Bambi grows older he falls for a young doe, and learns to grow up and mature. The portrayal of mankind from the perspective of the forest animals was quite original and proactive for its time. The movie does not try and portray mankind as evil, nor does it have an anti-hunting message. It simply depicts how a forest animal would likely react and think of a hunter. Although the film is only 70 minutes, it features beautiful imagery, fun characters, excellent score, and a solid story. Bambi is one of the great Disney classics for a reason. -10.23.2016

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Toler is fine, though the mystery itself is only so-so--Reno...city of divorce and murder!!

Isaac H (br) wrote: A fittingly stylish debut from Guy Ritchie with a strong ensemble cast and a twisty, sharp-witted script.

Alberto A (es) wrote: Mi pelcula favorita de todos los tiempos.

Russ B (ru) wrote: For me this one is far more entertaining than the first. Seriously twisted and scary.

Anthony V (fr) wrote: Voice: "We've been expecting your call. Would you like to come in?"Jamie: "No, we do this my way. I have something you want..."I love every movie that has Melissa George in it. She is an amazing actress and I trust her. Any movie that has her name on it, it rocks! One thing that is so impressive about this thriller is that it has a steady dogma and it will hook you as it move towards the end when the kidnapped becomes the negotiator. Entertaining survival flick. Amazing Performances. A Fast-paced thriller that is well executed and gritty. 4 out of 4 stars! :)

Jens T (ru) wrote: Martin Ritt's Norma Rae is the amazing story about the alone mother and cotton factory worker, Norma Rae Webster (Sally Field) who organize a worker's union in a small town in North Carolina, after the New York union organizer Reuben Warshowsky (Ron Leibman) came to the town handing out flyers and gave speeches. The condition is poor, with a poor salary and with so health benefits. Something that effects Norma's family in a negative way. Sally Field give us a great performance as the inspiring, but not at all glorifying, arch person, but a perfecly normal woman, who's one of many Americans struggling to make a living, but has no other choice to use their first amendment. Field is simply perfect, she plays it smooth, she's not over doing it, like Julia Roberts did in Erin Brockovich. Field seems very natural, like any other Carolinian woman, and she really earned that Oscar. Thumbs up.