Tina Takes a Break

Tina Takes a Break

Second in the Tina trilogy of films (Tina Goes Shopping, Mischief Night) set on a tough Leeds housing estate and starring the residents who actually live there in real life. This time Tina is in prison and life on the estate is viewed through her children's eyes.

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Marilee A (kr) wrote: One of those Train Wrecks you just can't help but keep watching hoping it gets better.they fake abductions,& the rest is about watching them take turns at their photo shoots for their famous Tattooed Suicide Girls Calenders.

Chris Q (it) wrote: Billy Bob Thornton and Greg Kinnear were good, that's probably it. Not that different from the original but just shows how that movie can never be made today. This is bad, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting and to me it was watchable. There is nothing in this movie that makes it seem like a Linklater movie, which is good I guess because people don't really count this as one of his films.

Arvyn S (it) wrote: Although the film is quite complex for an average movie watcher, I'd say that it's able to deliver a beautiful portrayal of absolute love of a son towards his father. I would recommend to watch this film with an open-mind...

Amna K (kr) wrote: Clever, witty & very funny! Peck has great comic timing!

Grayson W (ca) wrote: Had potential but was fairly uneventful

Sandro B (ca) wrote: I ask myself what the point was of spending nearly 2 hours waiting for some interest to develop.

Phillip D (it) wrote: Caddyshack is a shotgun shell of comedy but it produces some of the most iconic moments of recent film history and a great and critiquing portrait of 60s-70s white, upper class culture. The result in endlessly watchable and continuously relevant.

Stuart S (br) wrote: terrible movie just terrible

Michael Q (kr) wrote: 3 stars because its a Larry David film but it could have made me laugh more I guess

Kevin t (nl) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've ever seen!

Charlie 7 (jp) wrote: Surprisingly good. Even up today standards it still holds up.