Tintin and the Temple of the Sun

Tintin and the Temple of the Sun

Tintin travels to Peru to rescue some archaeologists from an old inca curse.

Tintin travels to Peru to rescue some archaeologists from an old inca curse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tintin and the Temple of the Sun torrent reviews

Ryan S (de) wrote: My toddler's love of all things Scooby Doo has given me a newfound love for this children's classic. These direct-to-video movies aren't what I'd call particularly good, but they are certainly fun. :) A note to the Scooby scribes: it's always more fun when the monsters are real. ;-)

Barbara C (br) wrote: The performances make this worth seeing. The story is very interesting and meaningful until about 3/4 the way through. Then, it lingers and lingers and lingers over those 10 pages (don't want to spoil) without ever committing to what they meant to the communities at odds with each other. Rather, the movie focuses on the fervor. Was it too controversial for the filmmakers?

Ri A (ag) wrote: A stylish flick with an interesting plot but ruined totally by the director as he couldn't control it from the begining for first 40 minutes I was like WTF is going on because I couldn't understand if the movie was going reverse or forward and second thing FOR THE HELL N SAKE I don't understand portuguese or Goan language so why the 20% of the movie is in that language.Abhishek did a very well job in giving another flop with his cheapo mustache and loose belly. Depika OH GOSH I have seen her in real & she's like a lizard especially the one is commonly foundable in India/Pakistan called Korh-Kirli (means lepracy lizard) but still the sheep track follower directors are casting her though she played a cameo for 5 minutes song but still untolerable. Aditiya Pancholi (aka like a father to Kangna Ranaut) now looks like a bull dog especially his neck resembles with a horrible bull dogs' big mouth lol. Music is just shit though Pritam has as usually openly copied the old classics but this time he's miserably failed to move the audience anyway crap songs.On the whole go for this movie if you really want to torture yourself.

AN N (au) wrote: Very well done and powerful movie. Unique, inspiring and moving. Highly recommended ...

Atanas Y (br) wrote: funny thing - Castro is perceived as an evil by the majority here in the west, with the exception of some few who seem to think he is the savior or something ...even in the alternative cinema i watched this you could feel the prejudice against him and each of his answersi liked the movie, not because i believe everything Castro said, but because he deserves the possibility to express himself as much as all the other politician do and has recieved almost noneand yes, i find him more likable than a lot of the politicians i have seenyeah, he was not asked some "stronger" questions, i agreeno politican agreed to make an interview is ever asked the strong questions ...for example - the american presiden never has to explain the unjust embargo against Cuba compared with the financial and military aid granted to worse dictatures - the mere "threat" Cuba represents for america is explanation enough ... and what "threat" would that be?we in the west should start asking other questions, and not ask Castrolike why the sexual affair of one politician is more important than several unjust wars, why even after this finacial dissaster noone is questioning the system itself ... and how are our opinions manipulated by the mediaand maybe the very forbidden one - why is democracy not working as it should?well, watch it and watch your reactions and ask yourself why you are reacting this way

Hoiky T (it) wrote: The greatest Pang Ho-Cheung

arn k (au) wrote: The translated version I watched was very hard to follow along, just very awkward dialogue. The criterion version is probably translated best. I was expecting a little more substance to this film, but it ended up just being overdone and quite corny most of the time. I do greatly respect the action sequences though.

Aditya M (ru) wrote: Amazingly unbelievable times that are so incomprehensible today. Hackman and Dafoe have great chemistry as does McDormand with Hackman. The movie is 'can't take your eyes of' fervor and the action and graphic images leave feverish and numb at the same time. Well acted all around although you couldn't leave feeling guilty about all the bigotry that in so many ways we try to not remind ourselves of.

Amaranta L (au) wrote: Brillante, inteligente y muy conmovedora. Me encant.

Deborah R (us) wrote: a whole bunch of known actors in this film. But the movie was just okay.. The chase scene of the killer was stupid and too long. the good part of the story wasnt touched upon until the very end, and the way they ended things was kinda lame.. I like how he wakes up with no limbs thoe.. and how Price's character just emerses himself into the acid.

Alex K (it) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Andrew M (de) wrote: For a film that is so obviously a fast-tracked cash grab based on the breakout success of James Wan's The Conjuring, Annabelle, strangely, shows glimmers of potential here and there. Like the aforementioned The Conjuring, it takes clear inspiration from the horror films of old - this time around, the more psychological horror films of the late 70s rather than the haunted house films The Conjuring. The glimmers of promise aren't very prominent, unfortunately. There are exactly three scenes of somewhat intense scares in this film: a genuinely creepy scene involving an elevator/stairs chase, a scene with a record player, and a culminating scene in the climax that does an admittedly clever trick for half a minute. The rest is a painfully boring slog through a completely bland and by-the-numbers horror screenplay delivered by wooden performances across the board (although Annabelle Wallis seems to be trying really hard). Director John R. Leonetti's ties to the franchise (he served as DP on The Conjuring) don't manage to do the film any favors in boosting its quality, unfortunately: this is a film that could use the touch of a James Wan, not the director of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and The Butterfly Effect 2.

Paul D (br) wrote: The premise for this sci-fi horror is a pretty good one and the film starts off well, but the increasingly silly survival plot and the lame characters that are hard to take serious in this situation ruin it all.

Kristen P (it) wrote: I do like James Van Der Beek, and this is a great showcase for him. The soundtrack to this film is also wicked with music from Green Day and The Foo Fighters. I found the film high on melodrama while lacking the substance to be a great sports drama.