Tintorettor Jishu

Tintorettor Jishu

Feluda, the famous Bengali detective tackles an international buyer, a corrupt arts agent, numerous henchmen and impostors in this story that revolves around a painting of Jesus by the famous Italian painter Tintoretto.

Feluda, the famous Bengali detective tackles an international buyer, a corrupt arts agent, numerous henchmen and impostors in this story that revolves around a painting of Jesus by the famous Italian painter Tintoretto. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tintorettor Jishu torrent reviews

Nick Q (nl) wrote: Intriguing movie. I was impressed with the acting and plot. The story needs more seasoning, but I cannot wait to see the next movie from these guys.

Troy K (us) wrote: The two stars are for the fight scenes only. The subtitle translations were so bad that I wasn't for sure what the heck was going on, but watching Yen is always good.

Deborah F (jp) wrote: der abspann ist lustig

Shawn S (ru) wrote: Mediocre (but interesting) approach to the time loop concept.

paul s (br) wrote: Another interesting idea lags under the weight of its own cinematic soul. In a Kaufmanesque concept (see Being John Malkovich), Paul Giamatti plays a film version of himself (and gee, he's pretty good at it... ha ha ha). As we enter into the world of first time writer/director Sophie Barthes we see Giamatti struggling to find the right "voice" for Uncle Vanya (and somehow I wonder why it is that Chekov still gets all the juice on the boards... if I see another revival of Vanya or Cherry Orchard I'm going to slit my wrists or read some Russian Poetry, whichever kills me first!). Of course the above little asides are the kind of wry, sarcastic humor that this pseudo satire cashes in on, but for me, the satiric moments were too few and came only after slogging through some tedious bits of unimaginative setup and scenes that were meant to be funny (in that satiric kind of way) but simply weren't as far as I'm concerned. The fresh idea of the film (which I wish could have been better handled) has to do with the ability to extract the soul from a human body (and replace it with someone else's if desired). Giamatti perceives that he is so weighed down by the heaviness of his own soul that he decides to replace his with the soul of a Russian Poet (all the better to get inside his role of Vanya, he surmises). From this premise the film flitters around, allowing for a nice bit of satire when the Russian mob gets involved in the soul selling business; but while watchable, I was neither grinning from the dark humor, nor glued to the chair by any kind of drama. This yin/yang of drama/dark comedy is at odds with itself as some of the more absurd moments derail any dramatic value. Similarly Barthes doesn't seem quite sure which route to take - the first half seems serious (and fails as a dramatic engine), while the second half, and especially when the film moves to St. Petersburg, seems much more tongue in cheek (and it is here that the moments of inventive dark satire occur). I really wanted to enjoy this film and am going to give it a passing grade just for the concept alone - but as the closing credits rolled I sat back and wondered at how much more could have been said and how so many of the satiric moments could have either been better evolved or left on the cutting room floor. At least there weren't three sisters sitting in a broken down manor house saying that they simply must go to Moscow.

Jackson A (au) wrote: Not only will it have you laughing, thanks to the hilarious mind of Jack Black, Be Kind Rewind has an unusual yet fun plot. This film also surprised me with the amount of heart it had in it.

Hannah K (fr) wrote: This is their most funniest movie!

Tim M (de) wrote: Fun Johnnie To flick starring two opposing Laus. An adversarial bromance between a dying criminal and a diligent policeman.

lovely l (jp) wrote: another story of kidnapping that turns to love...susan sarandon gives a cold performance and non exciting performance unlike her other roles she didnt add alot to the movie...

Matthew W (mx) wrote: This is a really bad movie, it was made in Mexico back in the 1950s with a budget of $0.01. The only reason to watch this movie is if you want to see the worst Christmas movie ever written.

Tim S (us) wrote: Very nice, especially the over-the-top score. The ending was particularly great.

Luke W (us) wrote: I found this to be a surprisingly good film, despite the overly theatrical musical numbers. Streisand and Patinkin are good together and make up for any shortcomings.

Alex F (jp) wrote: A primera vista, Boxcar Bertha (1972) luce como la respuesta de Martin Scorsese a Bonnie and Clyde (1967), de Arthur Penn. La aproximacin es todava ms rural, no muy alejada de una historia de bandidos instalada en el lejano oeste, slo que ambientada durante la Gran Depresin, en los racistas estados sureos de E.U. La historia est basada en el libro Sister of the Road?, de Ben L. Reitman, una autobiografa ficticia sobre una mujer, la Boxcar Bertha? del ttulo, interpretada por Barbara Hershey. Cuenta cmo, de ser una inocente pero atractiva chica campirana, se convirti en una de las criminales ms buscadas junto a su pareja, Big Bill Shelly, interpretado por David Carradine. Big Bill Shelly es un personaje de cierta complejidad, ambiguo. De ser un humilde trabajador en las vas del ferrocarril, se convierte en un lder sindical, que luego de intentar frustradamente una huelga decide tomar otras medidas, ms drsticas y, sin duda, no muy legales, en contra de la constructora del ferrocarril.

David W (kr) wrote: Great cartoon and is sure to entertain non-fans or Fanboys alike.

Jamie I (ru) wrote: I love Broken Lizard. I'll admit it. I was, however, extremely disappointed with Club Dread. Beerfest was pretty funny though. It wasn't near as funny as Super Troopers but it was much funnier than Club Dread. I'll let you decide on this one.

Alberto G (ag) wrote: Don't know (and actually don't care) how much of this "based on real events" movie is true, but it was Goodfellas kinda fun. The acting was solid, the movie was always entertaining and while being sometimes far-fetched, it found ways, in it's core, to be somewhat believable. In the end, this was no on the History Channel special, so just sit back and give yourself some pleasure (wink wink!)