Tiovivo c. 1950

Tiovivo c. 1950

This movie has any coherent plot. It is more the portrait of the lives of different people in the hard years of post-war in Spain (the 40's), and how people manage to survive in a country desolated by the war. Like other films: la colmena or roma (fellini) it shows us lots of characters and some moments of their lives.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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This movie has any coherent plot. It is more the portrait of the lives of different people in the hard years of post-war in Spain (the 40's), and how people manage to survive in a country desolated by the war. Like other films: la colmena or roma (fellini) it shows us lots of characters and some moments of their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric G (it) wrote: Department is an indian gangster/cop film dealing with corruption. Strange camera work that can pass for experimental at the beginning but becomes tiring after a while. Acting is caricatural. Bad overall.

Kathy T (mx) wrote: Fun show, serious on the food (who isn't), some light comedy, personal standards, jealousy and common sense prevail. I liked the movie, Haute Cuisine.

Maureen W (fr) wrote: Loved it, i have seen it several time and would absolutely watch again.

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Heather R (it) wrote: Boring, but interesting. Michael J Fox is the antagonist- the only example Ive found so far.

victor l (au) wrote: A film whose title is Juarez and which main character is Maximilien is not a good movie; sorry, but no. Historically, it's a pretty bad adaptation that doesn't depict either the french intentions with colonizing Mexico or the true spirit mexican people had with supporting Juarez. It's true that Juarez admired Lincoln and they way pretty similar in their politics and way of thinking, but it doesn't seem possible he had a photo of the american president behind his desk, it makes Juarez look as a traitor. The chemistry between Maximilien and Carlota is very cold in the scenes they play together, then when Carlota gets mad, it looks very unconvincing. The character they invented, Alejandro Uradi, was just a useless distractor they could have avoided and use those minutes reinforcing the story. It's clear John Huston didn't feel comfortable writing about a topic he knew too little about. Bette Davis was beautiful but this a very minor role in her career, very supportive role. Paul Muni's makeup is amazing but this is not the Benito Juarez I would have expected, Maximilien was fine but the actor that played him didn't deserve an Oscar nomination, it should have gone to Muni instead. I don't recommend it, I would like to see a modern adaptation about Benito Juarez where he really can have the starring role.

Inta K (mx) wrote: so so.. a bit weird but not scary

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Lauren B (kr) wrote: I certainly won't hide my affinity for Zach Braff. I've had a major crush on him since he first appeared on "Scrubs" and then had a full-on love affair with him when he made "Garden State" (which is still in my Top 10 favorite movies of all time). I was ecstatic that Braff was finally making a follow-up and had incredibly high hopes for "Wish I was Here." The problem is that while sentimental and on-point for thirtysomethings these days, I was a bit disappointed. The thing is, you can't make the same movie about being in your thirties that you made when you were in your twenties. And I certainly hope Zach Braff doesn't try to make this same movie when he's in his forties. That being said, I still enjoyed "Wish I Was Here." Probably the best part is the soundtrack. If there's one thing Braff does well, it's curating a music collection that enhances the story.

Thomas W (ca) wrote: David Foster Wallace's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men is brought to the big screen by first-time director, Office-star John Krasinski (who also has a small role in the film). Brief Interviews comes from literary and brainy subject matter ... but it didn't translate into a good movie. The screenplay was my biggest complaint with the film since a larger-chunk of the actors were fine (Frankie Faison had a very nice scene as did Christoper Meloni who were probably my two standouts) while a few flailed about grasping for something to hold onto as they were lost in the too heady dialogue. Most of the actors in this film are ones you have seen before ... but we just don't know their names. I am a fan of Julianne Nicholson (Kinsey, Tully) but I had a hard time with her here because of the dreadful little boy haircut -- I don't get this fad at all! I absoultely hate when the words coming out of a character's mouth SOUND like written dialogue ... and that is most definitely what we get here. In a very short film (clocking in at a mere 72 minute runtime), I asked my self many times "who says that?" or "who talks like that?". I listened and what was said isn't terrible IF I were reading a book; but to come from ignorant, hideous men ... it was just too much. I think the director is trying for something he doesn't quite reach -- because the film is meaningless and it isn't supposed to be. Uh ... what? Uhm ... okay. Uh ... humm ... no, I don't think so. I think the film wants to shock us with some of its ideas; but it doesn't. I was never truly convinced with anything some of these people said. I don't think the men are the only thing hideous here ... happy viewing! :(