Tip on a Dead Jockey

Tip on a Dead Jockey

Broke and about to divorce his wife (Dorothy Malone), a pilot (Robert Taylor) joins a smuggling scheme in postwar Madrid.

An expatriate American living in Madrid, former Air Force pilot Lloyd Tredman (Robert Taylor) is haunted by his memories of the Korean War and refuses to fly. So when he loses his last ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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dale q (ag) wrote: hell funny, not very well known though but my favourite movie u shuld c it!

Ellen H (jp) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie but I just didn't.

Ed M (ag) wrote: Not terrible. Not amazing. Ditka is funny.

Charles P (jp) wrote: Safe is a brilliant, disturbing film about our paranoia and perception of our environment, both chemical and social, and Julianne Moore shines as a frightened woman withdrawing from such dread.

Tristan P (au) wrote: Unusual film from Fulci that mixes the most extreme sadism with cheap comedy. The result is... tough to describe. Brett Halsey isn't great and I imagine the film would have worked a lot better had Fulci used, say, David Warbeck or Ian McCulloch.

Pilastr A (fr) wrote: Timely in jingoist times with timeless performances by the best of the best. What a time!

Rabeesh R (mx) wrote: Not a fan of slasher genre, but a fan of twist endings. So , I gave it a try since everyone recommended this movie for the final twist. I must say , the ending was worth all the pain we had to undergo from the starting (overacting and clichs). 2.5* for that final scene and .5* for the movie.

Anh H (nl) wrote: Oh it was so fascinating to me when I was 10.