A man is reluctant to tell his fiancee that his parents, uncle and brother are dwarfs.

Two brothers - a dwarf (Rolfe) and one normal-sized (Steve). When Steve's girlfriend Carol becomes pregnant, the pair are fearful that the baby will inherit the dwarfism gene. Matters are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tiptoes torrent reviews

Patrik J (ru) wrote: Peyton Elway is my hero. CGI yeti very fast, guy in suit not so much.

Robin E (us) wrote: Is it Just Me? Or does everyone think this movie sucks?!?!?

Mariana L (ca) wrote: Nothing new, though it addresses an important issue. Chris Boyd's development is fairly predictable, though, at the same time, it is for a reason -- how sick right-wing Bible thumpers can be and how they can sicken snd hurt those around them. I was torn between feeling sorry for that character and hating him. As for the family affected by the crime, it's sad to know this has been and unfortunately is likely to once again be a reality for many.

ram j (ca) wrote: A Nice pair of A & A acting excellent

Kandee M (kr) wrote: I love, love, love this movie!

Maverick T (jp) wrote: One of the greatest ganster films

Sylvester K (de) wrote: Somewhat sad romantic and mysterious. It's a film about a boy who is albino but highly intelligent, and as usual, faces discrimination from the society. It's an OK sci-fi film, with a lot of drama elements. Sean Patrick Flanery was really good at playing the titular role, but the production and script dragged him down.

Glenn C (it) wrote: It's the early hours of morning and I was in the mood for some bad science fiction. The upcoming Astron-6 movie, Manborg has had be exited recently and so I wracked my brain for something cheesy. Cyborg came to mind but then I thought "nah, not crap enough" and so naturally I chose Cyborg 2 instead. It's been years since I've seen it and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. With a credible cast (for a b-grade flick) like Angelina Jolie, Elias Koteas, Jack Palance & Billy Drago it also boasts some impressive miniature landscapes and affective action sequences. The movie itself bares no relation to the first movie except for a few flashback dream sequences featuring Van Damme. I reckon part 2 looks better than part 1 but with no story relation its stupid to compare. In fact it's stupid to even write about this one at all... its a movie none of you will race to see but perhaps you might find it in a bargain bin some day for $1 in which case it's worth every cent. LOL Hmmm... almost 3am and I'm still not tired. I might watch Cyborg 3. Hahaha!

kunaal s (kr) wrote: happy independence day

Luca D (de) wrote: Due episodi scialbi da tv movie. Non hanno ne capo ne coda e servono solo a far salire un po' di tensione senza nessuna trovata interessante. Magari e' da 5/10, pero' tutto questo spreco di talento da fastidio!

Shan S (it) wrote: Such a pretty film for it's time.

Wendy S (br) wrote: Loved the coverage of Woodie Guthrie by Carradine. His on-the-road lightheartedness has a Jack Kerouac spiritual seeking side that made this movie wonderful. Once he originally left his family, then later started verbally abusing his wife when he had to make his roots really seemed out of character to me. Those few scenes really dated it... how it portrayed women, that either they were housewives that were waiting to be pushed around or the rich bitches who were unattainable. Great scenes on the train and the background music.

Daniel R (kr) wrote: A boxer and his orangutan travel cross country together and he soon meets a country singer who he (Eastwood) falls in love with. it's one of those silly 80s comedies that is a good gimmick but not much of a complete film.

Miranda W (ru) wrote: Channing Tatum i hott so im sure i will like it lol