Tired of Kissing Frogs

Tired of Kissing Frogs

A romantic comedy about a young interior decorator who, as a result of a romantic disappointment, becomes the female counterpart of Don Juan. The misadventures of the manizer make her rediscover the value of love.

An unlucky-in-love graphic designer catches her boyfriend cheating on her and decides it's better to play the field than settle down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (kr) wrote: I love these films. They run through the alphabet and each letter represents a different death. All letters are directed by 26 different directors from around the world. Some a very, very good when some others aren't. But if you're looking just for a fun horror flick with some gorey deaths, this is a good choice.

Kati V (ca) wrote: Two stars for the talent.

Sharon A (nl) wrote: Disappointingly, I was unable to fully watch this due to the disc being scratched (thanks to that person who did that, was really looking forward to watching this film)What I could see was good and I thought it was quite a interesting film. Unfortunately, after having to keep stopping the disc, and then jumping to the next chapter, too many times, I just felt I was missing too many valid points in the story to continue.Who knows, one day I may get a chance to revisit this film, and get to see what I missed and hopefully enjoy the film as I had hoped to do so in this sitting.

Claudia K (nl) wrote: Could have been a little faster but a good brit flick

Janet A (de) wrote: Its super di duper funny!

Dillon H (ag) wrote: this film introduced me to independent films when i was in sixth grade. the story and acting is amazing. will always be in my top ten.

Corey n (gb) wrote: A sequel to the first Darkman movie. The story basic plot is the villain Durant is back and plans to take over the city and kill Darkman. Actor Larry Drake is back as the villain Durant. But Liam Neeson is not back as Darkman. The story is kind of weak in this. The action in this okay at times. I missed Liam Neeson in the Darkman role. Not as good as the original.

Matt J (es) wrote: Anyone who thinks they know drag and Hauses should be required to see this film.I admit it took me until today to see this, but it's a vision. This is what drag, reading, voguing...everything is all about attitude and realness...I LOVE it!

Kevin N (au) wrote: Disturbing study of corruption with an explosive performance by Gian Maria Volonte. This is sweat-drenched, stinky political satire with a kinky score by Ennio Morricone which ranks among his very best.

Eric R (jp) wrote: With "Final Destination 5" hitting theaters soon I found it fitting to revisit the 1983 low budget horror film "Sole Survivor", a wonderful forgotten picture that the lame higher budgeted "Final Destination" franchise totally ripped off. Seriously it's amazing how many high budget Hollywood films rip-off low budget rarely seen films from a decade or two before with no credit. There's just enough difference in the plots to not to warrant a legal battle, unlike Michael Bay's "The Island" which completely ripped off "Parts: The Clonus Horror" scene by scene.A hard working commercial producer miraculously survives and is the sole survivor of a tragic airplane crash. Soon peculiar things begin to happen as you see she wasn't supposed to survive. Now death wants her and soon recently dead corpses rise up to drag her sorry soul to her 'final destination.' Can she outwit Death with the help of a her concerned doctor boyfriend?The creep factor is high in this engrossing horror thriller as director Thom Eberhardt (more famous for his cult classic "Night of the Comet") crafts each scene to the max with well paced suspense. There are a few scenes that will get your hair to stand up on end... like a scene where a corpse chases our survivor in a dark parking garage. CREEPY!Budget restraints does hurt the film from time to time. An example is the opening plane crash which can't even be shown. We instead watch a black monitor showing a blip disappear and then we read about the crash. The acting can also be a little shady at times but hardly terrible. Our lead, Anita Skinner, is obviously a novice and I found her performance to be a little less than engaging. The same can be said for our love interest Kurt Johnson as his wooden performance hardly makes his love for our survivor truly seem real.Even with its few flaws "Sole Survivor" ranks along "Dead & Buried" as one of the best forgotten horror films I have ever seen. Seriously why isn't this film better known? Sure the acting can be a little blow par at times but the sure handed direction and engrossing plot will be sure to suck any horror fan in... unless of course you are one of those horror fans that believes horror is ONLY blood and guts with no suspense or atmosphere. I say hunt this gem down and watch it before any of the shitty "Final Destination" sequels. I recommend buying the Code Red DVD as soon as possible as rumor has it will being going out of print.

Ray W (us) wrote: Yes, it's didactic. Yes, it's a little silly at times (Lee Marvin's fit over not being able to hit an outside curve, for example), but its heart is in the right place. Hindsight about the Nazis in 20-20. But it does personalize these attitudes and there are, in addition, realistic conversations with believable dialogue.

Jonathan S (kr) wrote: It's a little preoccupied with its message, but it's a solid enough film and it's very well shot. A decent followup to superior "Village of the Damned."

Nicola C (br) wrote: that board is my next tattoo.

Helen M (jp) wrote: Scares the [email protected] out of me

Brad S (au) wrote: - I had seen this before and enjoyed it, but was distracted by the CGI blood. This time I just really enjoyed it as an action film. The opening shot pulled me in and I was with the movie the whole time. When I saw it before, I hadn't yet seen Fassbender as "Magneto" or many other roles so it was nice seeing it being more familiar with him now. Same for Imogen Poots. The cinematography is gorgeous. Definitely recommended!- I really wanted to like this one, had a cool premise with interesting actors and decent genre director, but it just didn't fully work for me. One major issue I had with it was the excessive use of CGI blood, it was very violent with the CGI blood flying everywhere and it always pulled me out of the film. Fassbender was good in his role, can't wait to see him as "Magneto"!

Ryan W (mx) wrote: The only thing that this film has got going for is the monsters but to be truthful they are not that great to look at

Matt C (mx) wrote: Meh. It was pretty stupid and unsure of itself, and almost as ridiculous as it was non-redeemingly convoluted. Neve Campbell was still great, but she's actually too good for the rest of it.