Titicut Follies

Titicut Follies

The film is a stark and graphic portrayal of the conditions that existed at the State Prison for the Criminally Insane at Bridgewater, Massachusetts. TITICUT FOLLIES documents the various ways the inmates are treated by the guards, social workers and psychiatrists.

Documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman takes us inside the Massachusetts Correctional Institution Bridgewater where people stay trapped in their madness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayden H (mx) wrote: Dialogue makes you want to insert nails into your head so you can feel how painful it is, the story is so unoriginal that it should be a crime, and a movie with action but not any brains attached, it's just like watching any average car chase. Also for a guy who apparently has a driving background looks scared every time he makes a turn. Selena Gomez should fire her agent for agreeing to such a stupid character. The villain is annoying not entertaining. This film is a waste of timeD is the final overall grade. No wonder Ethan Hawke is doing better movies now

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Andy S (ru) wrote: If we look up the word ?Anamorphosis?, from which the title of this film was derived, we get the following definition: Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image. ?Ana ? morphosis? comes from the Greek words meaning ?formed again.? (Source: Wikipedia) So it?s basically a piece of artwork that is painted in such a way that if viewed from a particular point it will make a complete picture. Unfortunately, the filmmakers didn?t get the complete picture when putting this rather poor effort together. A troubled cop, Stan Aubray, is investigating a series of murders that are thought to be copy-cats of a killer called ?Uncle Eddie? whose case he investigated and was thought to have been killed five years previous. He is helped by his partner, Carl Uffner and art expert, Blair Collet. The art expert is needed because the killer places all of his victims in poses that depict works of art. I really can?t say much more about this one, that is the basic premise of the movie. As I said earlier I found this a rather poor effort. I usually like the work of Willem Dafoe, but he must have seen something in the script we didn?t see on the screen, because it is very poor. The pacing is way too slow and the dialogue, with great long pauses, is pretty dire. I did like the performance of Peter Stormare as Blair Collet; he was the one bright point in this movie. I will give honourable mentions to Willem Dafoe as Stan Aubray and Scott Speedman as Carl Uffner just for making the effort and turning up to make it. I usually enjoy a good serial killer movie, but this one is certainly not going to feature in any of my end of year awards? unless I do a top ten worst of the year! Over all, very poor and definitely NOT recommended. My score: 3.7/10

Alex V (kr) wrote: Two of the best performances in existence.

Parker R (nl) wrote: As far as cheap popcorn thrills are concerned, this film does a solid job of delivering them. Kevin J. O'Connor's performance as the films goofball Joey, makes it all worth the while.

Sean Michael S (nl) wrote: Fascinating to the point that its microscopically overwhelming, "Microcosmos" is perfectly named. Somehow we are given the chance to relate to insects that are actual insects instead of the usual talking Disney bug. Overall a hauntingly pretty look at the smaller things in life.

shishir a (br) wrote: Typical Woody Allen flick...

Sen Q (br) wrote: I actually cannot believe the attacks on this film on here. Those that are criticising this film are totally missing the point or choosing to ignore it perhaps. The film is slapstick, it is dumbed down and may not register at all on the intellectual plains around which the minds of the overly analytical experts on here seem to gravitate but it's purely escapism,. It's unrealistic and silly but it's also amusing and, at times, heartwarming. It's right in tune with the time of year at which it has been set. Personally, it's a must-see event every Xmas. I think only a joyless, miserable and soulless cynic could pour scorn on this movie. Maybe that's harsh on the opinion of others but if people watch it and take it in the spirit it is intended rather than trying to over intellectualize it, I fail to see his it cannot be enjoyed to at least some degree.

Leonard D (de) wrote: A James Dean lookalike kicking ass? Sounds good to me!

Christopher P (gb) wrote: one of my least favorites of waters' films but still gets 4 stars.

Kristen S (gb) wrote: nobody makes gritty, brutal movies about guys who can't catch a break like jules dassin. burt lancaster and noir superstar producer mark hellinger add to the awesomeness.