Ray and Jolene come to the city in search of new answers to old age questions. They walk away with themselves.

Ray and Jolene come to the city in search of new answers to old age questions. They walk away with themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucy J (nl) wrote: If you love Sci-Fi flicks then you must check out Alien Uprising. With intertwining themes similar to Alien and Total Recall, this film is definitely going to keep you wanting more. The film is full of great suspense and action. I must say, the special effects were not too shabby for an independent film. I would recommend checking out this film asap!!!

William W (br) wrote: Though I haven't watched a lot of them yet (I've mainly devoted my time, of late, to catching up on 1920-1970s cinematic milestones), I have a profound respect for the new roles Liam Neeson has taken on in recent years. It makes me think of what would have been had my favourite actor ever, James Cagney, hadn't basically retired for the quiet life in the early 60's, when the perfect storm of 'great actors in B-movies' hit the fans.My lady is more a horror aficionado, and of recent vintage films, so it was nice to throw this on for a spin and show her its neo-noir tendencies, almost as if going through a 'make your own movie' template, checking them off one-by-one. I don't mind that sort of rote predictability if it's done right, and, though heavily flawed, for the most part it does. By the climax, I basically only cared for four things: that the kidnapped girl, Matthew Scudder and TJ were alive, and that the two kidnappers/murderers got their just desserts, whether it be lengthy incarceration or murder, anything so their crime spree would be ended. The film was well-made and a very enjoyable experience, so considering the relatively minor flaws (especially the one-dimensional aspect of the antagonists), I would definitely recommend at least a watch for most cinephiles out there, especially those interested in 'true crime' type of contemporary American cinema.

Derrick A (ru) wrote: it was an "interesting" movie. It was not good at all.

Keira R (fr) wrote: Movie starts out a little slow and the characters can be a little annoying but as the movie progresses, it gets a little better. Lots of yummy food so don't watch it while you're hungry. Nice little twist towards the end.

J K (de) wrote: Political commentary.

Tony H (kr) wrote: Extraordinarily odd film. Somewhere between spy thriller, cold war movie and sci-fi with a sad robot man on a tractor.

Samuel B (gb) wrote: Another oldie, this one is about an English couple who raise the spirit of the husband's ex-wife during a seance that they did out of boredom with the local medium. Lots of entertaining dialogue, all though it becomes a bit too predictable. Check this one out!