TNT Jackson

TNT Jackson

A woman encounters thugs and drug dealers after traveling to Hong Kong to search for her missing brother.

A young karate expert searches for her brother's killer in Hong Kong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juliano K (us) wrote: great old-school movie!!!

Anthony M (ag) wrote: Many found a respect for skateboarding from playing Tony Hawk (or actually trying to skate once and falling over) that were unaware of it before. This is a very interesting history of some of the most influential people in the sport.

dan l (nl) wrote: lets prey there isnt a third ala the hangover

John R (jp) wrote: 120708: I'm torn about how to rate this movie. I'm sure it is very good. I struggled to watch it. I just didn')t care about the story or characters. It's very slow and offered me little. I can just imagine the many men who suffered through this, probably very meaningful, film. At least they had an excuse.

Dennis M (ag) wrote: Great!~ Just as expected. Read the comic as a kid,play the video games since its' earliest incarnation- N64 to PS3.Nice suprise....

Dan G (ru) wrote: Emotionally this one didn't work for me. It was as cold and slow as water during winter. It is well acted though.

Ferchu F (au) wrote: It takes you right through the indie-film-making-world. Hilarious during some moments, and really interesting from the begining,

Debbie W (es) wrote: Beautifully written and performed film about a young boy's experiences during the Blitz in London. I find it a gentle film to watch from time to time.

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Weul S (gb) wrote: The weirdest courtroom scene ever! This tight, convoluted noir is deliciously over the top. Rita is the perfect femme fatale.

Kate M (ca) wrote: Based on the 70's TV series but with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and demi moore in it with just the thought of this cast im sporting a semi