To Be Fat Like Me

To Be Fat Like Me

Pretty, popular, and slim high-schooler Aly Schimdt had plans of earning a sports scholarship to college but a knee injury ruins her chances. She decides to enter a documentary contest in the hopes of winning money for college. She believes that overweight people, like her mom and brother, seem to make excuses about how the world perceives them. So Aly decides to attend a rival high school as a heavily overweight person for the documentary, but not change her personality. Aly intends and hopes to prove that personality will outshine physical appearance. But when she's met with ridicule, harassment, and name-calling she begins to see things differently.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   disguise,   party,  

An physically fit teenager dons a fat suit as part of a film project to experience the hardships facing overweight high school students. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cem Regi Pixelmannen (de) wrote: A sad story but also a quiet stretchy one, not that amusing to se, but you kept watching.

DeeDee D (fr) wrote: The 2nd time I rolled on the floor laughing. Gosh this is funny, I missed so much the first time.

Jess i (fr) wrote: luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James C (fr) wrote: woeful video game adaptation, boring action and story. tone, style and atmosphere is all wrong

Bill B (us) wrote: This was kind of interesting, but for a film from Lamberto Bava, I expected more. This felt more like a Lifetime ghost story than something from the guy who directed Demons, y'know?Rental at best.

Jess L (nl) wrote: This is a remarkable film and the entire cast delivers heart breaking and honest performances here. Dark family drama with a really great twist at the end. Some may find this drab or slow but it is far from it. A deeply layered film that I got a lot out of.

Devin D (mx) wrote: despite many critcs thoughts this is a very intelligent film, it is existential in a way. Ricardo Meneses owned his creature like character, revealing the nature of obsession and how it can become a living being of it own. Weird?yes Dirty?yes, but thanks to this portuguese filmmaker we can catch a glimpse in to the world of a phantom.

John W (nl) wrote: At least it's predecessor gets points for making an honest effort. This not-a-sequel sequel to 1998's Urban Legend is simply going through the motions.

E L (au) wrote: Absolutely nothing like the book, which is inevitable, since the book is a collection of stories rather than a coherent linear piece of fiction. Still, this film is a little scatter-brained, with some funny moments. Entertaining enough in its own way.

Russell H (mx) wrote: Chris Tucker was pretty funny. Everything else is so-so. Not bad.

David G (it) wrote: A really good movie about a guy getting broken down emotionally by a religious cult and eventually becoming a member. It is a little dated, but other than that I think it was really well made.

Edith N (gb) wrote: Apu's Beginning I saw [i]Aparajito[/i] years ago--at the beginning of "D," actually. I'd just gotten the first [i]Great Movies[/i] book, and I backtracked for the ones I missed at that point. I was having issues with Netflix at the time, and I wasn't that far ahead in the alphabet. I'd been doing the project for maybe a year then, maybe a bit longer. I didn't have that much to backtrack for--and I'm not sure why I'd missed the various movies in the first place. It's an interesting thing to consider. I've gone back and read my review of it, and I speculated that perhaps the reason I did not myself particularly consider it a Great Movie, though I certainly didn't think it was a bad one, was that I couldn't really get into Apu's head, particularly. I thought he was foolish, and I thought he was foolish in an inappropriate, unbelievable way. I suspected that seeing this one would let me get into his head better, and I think I was probably right. Harihar Roy (Kanu Banerjee) is a Brahmin whose family has long lived in a small town in India. Unfortunately, in the 1920s, there's not a lot of money in it, and the family does actually need it. His wife, Sarbojaya (Karuna Banerjee), wants him to return to the city and find work, even though they have a young daughter, Durga (Runki Banerjee then Uma Das Gupta), and she is pregnant. The child is a son, Apu (Subir Banerjee). Durga steals fruit from the neighbour's orchard; she shares it with old Indir Thakrun (Chunibala Devi), her great-aunt. Sarbojaya dislikes Indir quite a lot; she resents having to care for her at all. As the children grow older, they also grow closer. Durga takes a certain amount of responsibility for her younger brother, about the only housework she sees much interest in. She also sees it as her duty, I think, to care for Indir, and of course the whole family wants Harihar to come back, or at least send money and word of what he's doing. I must confess that I am not all that fond of Indian cinema. Bollywood pretty well irritates me. I find it amusing in small doses, but the longer the movie goes on, the less amusing I tend to find it. And Bollywood? Goes on for a bit. This movie is only about two hours long, though I will admit that there are no charming but random dance sequences. I can see the influence this had on later Indian film, but this is a lot more linear. This is the childhood of Apu, the first half of the book, written by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, the second half of which we previously saw as [i]Aparajito[/i]. There are only a few characters, and they all follow paths that make sense. This is, of course, extremely different from the more recent Bollywood epics and is much closer to the more "arthouse" Indian films that I do like, such as the films of Mira Nair and Deepa Mehta. I don't think it would have been impossible to get Mira Nair without Satyajit Ray, but it would have been harder. Perhaps the most notable thing about this film is that hardly anyone working on it had any experience. Many of the performers were amateurs; some hadn't worked in film in decades, and some only have the single film credit to their names. Ray had never directed a film before. For all that, there is a joy to the film that underlies even the more depressing bits. Durga dances in the rain at one point, and even though she sang the Indian equivalent of "Rain, rain go away" a few minutes earlier in the film, it's clear that she is enjoying the downpour. They may be poor, and she may miss her father a great deal, but for this moment, she is happy. The actress only ever made the one film. Sometimes, when people get cast in movies look for unknowns, they go on to a quiet career. Sometimes, they get "discovered" and go on to stardom. And sometimes, as with Uma Das Gupta and others, they go on to lives that have nothing to do with film. Cast and crew here seem about equally divided in what happened to them. The name of the film, as Rotten Tomatoes so kindly reminds us, literally translates to "Song of the Little Road." It was filmed for about $3000 (that's just a hair over $25,000 in today's money), and indeed, Ray had a hard time raising the money and had to suspend production for a while. Eventually, the government of the State of West Bengal came to his aid and financed the film so he could finish it. I assume this is because he was, after all, adapting a book by a great Bengali author, though I confess that my sources do not specify. What delights me, however, is not merely that the West Bengali government decided, for whatever reason, that sponsoring a film was a good idea. That does make me happy, because I think a sign of a great government is sponsoring the arts. However, what delights me even more what how the whole thing was listed in the budget. "Pather" means, as you might guess, something along the lines of "path." And in the budget, the money spent on the film was listed as "roads improvement."

Dave J (jp) wrote: Friday, January 6, 2012 (2003) Naked Weapon ACTION Director Siu-Tung Ching of "The Chinese Ghost Story" movies and "The Swordsman II" attempting to make an action film for the US and is quite bad with Chinese actors speaking very bad English and dismissal action sequences. It's one of the worst, centering on some trained female assassins from the time they're young until the time they're old enough to fend for themselves with more inhumane things happening to them. It's exploitation at it's worst ignoring common sense! The extras doesn't even have English subtitles on the directors dialgoe regarding the making of it. The passing grade is a result of Maggie Q showing her stuff on an otherwise mediocre movie. 2.5 out of 4

Ilja S (kr) wrote: Jake Gyllenhaal shines in Nightcrawler, delivering a disturbing and dark performance, in a thought-provoking thrilling movie that never gets boring or mindless.