To Be King

To Be King

The seventeen year old Stach is faced with five impossible assignments he has to complete in order to become king. Things do not go as easily as the boisterous Stach had expected, ...

The seventeen year old Stach is faced with five impossible assignments he has to complete in order to become king. Things do not go as easily as the boisterous Stach had expected, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael L (kr) wrote: FOR A GOOD TIME CALL is one of those buoyant lovely films about friendship that just totally thrill me. It's also really dirty and funny. Try to ignore the 3rd act required conflict moment and you'll love it!

Aarathi P (fr) wrote: Its worth a watch.. a bit depressing tho..every aspect of a crisis situation has been covered.. the bomb threats, a hindu fanatic, corrupt policemen.. and the best part is how the media makes use of the crisis situation to raise their trp

Jackson L (it) wrote: Songs are soothing and touching for my ears but movie isn't great for my eyes. Getai should cut an MTV instead of a movie.

Patrick N (es) wrote: Got me by surprised, was expecting something a lot worse, but came out good.

Jeffrey M (fr) wrote: As illustrious as Philip Seymour Hoffman's career has become, Love Liza perhaps offers a hidden gem in his laudable career. In it he plays a distraught widower, whose wife killed herself for seemingly unknown reasons. This propels him on a strange journey involving gasoline and remote controlled airplanes. It's an undeniably indie film, unconventional in many respects, and effective on an emotional level. Its narrative arc, however, leaves something to be desired. Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance is certainly the most notable aspect of the film, making it worth watching for its shear depth and power alone. He embodies the manic personality perfectly, sometimes deliriously upbeat, other times helplessly distraught and confused. This is what the film gets right, a loss such as what Hoffman's character experienced is not easily gotten over, and does not offer happy endings or easy answers. Life can be confusing, inexplicable, and harsh, Love Liza captures this with a mature sense surpassing many similarly themed films.The problem with Love Liza, however, is that its script, smart in its characterizations, doesn't pay off in a narrative sense. The relationship between Hoffman and his wife is never fully explored, with no sense of resolution to be had, which can work, but only if we can more aptly identify with the dynamics at work. The film offers interesting characters, but raises more questions than it answers, leaving the film in a bit of a meandering spot.An overall effective drama, notable for its strong central performance.3.5/5 Stars

Philip G (ca) wrote: Surprisingly-good little comedy - made better I suppose if you recognize all the great British TV faces in the cast.

Lee D (ag) wrote: Simply: THE GREATEST FILM EVER MADE!I broke it down: Why I think Eastern Condors in the greatest film ever made - here it goes (keep in mind this is a very personal break down):1- 100 years of film-making (give or take a few years) = Dozens and dozens of different film genres.2- Dozens and dozens of different film genres = The action genre being the greatest of all genres.3- The action genre being the greatest of all genres = Hong Kong being the greatest of all countries to make action films.4- Hong Kong being the greatest of all countries to make action films Sammo Hung being the greatest Hong Kong Action Director.5- Sammo Hung being the greatest Hong Kong Action Director = Eastern Condors being Sammo's greatest achievement. Think about this: John Woo created some of the greatest Gun-Fu moments in cinematic history, however is hand-to-hand combat is slighting boring. Jackie Chan has certainly created some of the greatest Kung-Fu moments ever, but his films become boring once anyone picks up a gun. Sammo Hung is the only filmmaker who can blend both elements of Gun-Fu and Kung-Fu in one movie and make each style equally entertaining to watch. Eastern Condors is the best example of this. Another reason why: EASTERN CONDORS IS THE GREATEST FILM EVER MADE!

Salem A (es) wrote: gilda radner shall be missed always

Bill T (de) wrote: Surprisingly good and touching, when especially I wasn't expecting much from this. This was a great intro to this mammoth collection of films.

Maxime V (gb) wrote: Good film reflecting the spirit of Japanese martial arts.

Nick F (gb) wrote: I live by Richmond now

Vadim D (br) wrote: A disappointing film considering the pedigree. This is not the best film for Bette Davis or Frank Capra.

Ian B (de) wrote: Mission Impossible is turning out to be one of those rare franchises that just keeps getting better. I wasn't a huge fan of the first two films, but when J.J. Abrams came on board for the third he set the series in the right direction. The fifth entry, Rogue Nation, takes everything that worked about the previous films and manages to raise the bar even higher. What makes this series stand out from Bourne and similar films in the genre is the sense of fun and humour these later sequels have (bringing Simon Pegg into the mix sure didn't hurt). Rogue Nation delivers in every way engaging script, beautiful locations, great performances, plenty of twists, jaw-dropping stunts. As impressive as it is seeing 53-year-old Tom Cruise strap himself to a plane as it takes off, it's actually newcomer Rebecca Ferguson who steals every scene she's in. Crazy action, tons of fun, great story...Mission Impossible is becoming that summer blockbuster franchise that knows how to do everything right, and it definitely gets my vote for one of the year's best films.