To Bed or Not to Bed

To Bed or Not to Bed

Sordi gives a deep and touching comic performance as an Italian fur merchant who is going to Sweden for the first time to attend the annual fur auctions in Stockholm. The movie depicts the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett M (fr) wrote: Cute movie and love the premise and themes but my god is it horribly sad. I hate being sad over a movie.

Stuart R (us) wrote: Waste of energy to hate a movie for kids but felt like throttling the writers throughout. Although unnecessary in a good film, it is acceptable to have the odd joke or reference for adults but in this one that's all there was. There was nothing for the 3-5 age group. Nothing! They really don't care if someone evil becomes the CEO of a company. They want Pat to have a nice adventure on his way to delivering some letters. Dreadful.

Ben V (us) wrote: A feel good love movie. Which was funny and uplifting. And once again proves Audrey is one of the most beautiful women on the big screen Once Again ;0)

Rodney L (ca) wrote: has heart, weak third act.

Dyron W (gb) wrote: A mildly funny take on the superhero genre.

Peter G (kr) wrote: Where this film should have been dark, sinister, terrifying it actually comes across as slightly comical, wacky and a bit silly. It's a shame because there could have been a good film here but for some very strange and questionable decisions by a somewhat inexperienced (or possibly just clueless) director.

James C (it) wrote: After the events from the first movie, John has now managed to start a new life with a new friend and a new love. But, when he is targeted by a violent young street gang, he must once again become the Exterminator.The original Exterminator has always been classed as a bit of a classic and second only to Death Wish when the vigilante genre is talked about, and a sequel was inevitable. The basic premise of these types of movie is simple enough, and you think that it is something that can never go wrong - but Exterminator 2 manages to go wrong to epic proportions. No elements are brought forward from it's predecessor, which makes all the angst the main character suffers just laughable as there no points of reference. The first movie dealt with some very gritty issues, but the plot of the sequel is pure schlock, and the gang of young villains look and feel like they are trying out for a part in a Mad Max movie. The action is ok, but there really isn't' just enough of it, and when it does happen it just becomes more over the top and unbelievable, and some of the end battle sequences look like they would fit better into an episode of The A-Team. The acting is incredibly wooden, but it kind of worked in the first movie, but not in this one as some humour and love interest are also injected which just makes it all very messy. All in all this is a pretty poor sequel and a very bad movie, which really should have never been made, an this reviewer is only giving it one star, because it will actually make any viewer giggle in places at how ridiculous the whole thing is.

Michael S (es) wrote: This definitive Greenwich Village-movie is the best thing Paul Mazursky ever done. The whole cast shines incl. a young Christopher Walken and a heartbreaking Lois Smith. But the film belongs to Shelley Winters, who plays the ultimate jewish mum. A modern classic for sure.

Andrew T (ru) wrote: Phantom of the paradise is written and directed by Brian DePalma. It takes its inspiration from a variety of materials such as Phantom of the opera, Faust and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Mixed in with that is a fantastic rock soundtrack by Paul Williams who also stars in the movie as Swan. The cast also includes William Finley and Jessica Harper form Suspiria, who is once again great. This movie is one of the campiest things in existence and for that alone is worth checking out.

Tim M (au) wrote: Michael Douglas and Jodie Foster together. The lion is cool. A good film that is more serious than one would expect and it makes since that the music score was nominated for an Oscar for Best Musical Score Dramatic Film. A touching story that doesn't end all happy but ends realistically. Worth the watch.

Greg W (mx) wrote: this depression era pic looks at what depression weary audiences wanted 2 see-travails of a wealthy family.

Alan W (br) wrote: If you compose a film purely with innuendos, then you will get a film not far off from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Accusing this film of being a little far-fetched and that its morals are dubious and outdated, if not simply misogynistic, is probably beside the point here. It is an entertaining film, laugh out loud in more than a few places and shows us Monroe and Russell as two comedic goddesses. That it also has Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend in all its multi-colour glory is simply the icing on the cake. (BTW, the print we saw here is pristine and bursting with colours. Well done Somerset House.)

First L (nl) wrote: One day viewers will appreciate this hilarious, honest, and outrageous movie. It is uncomfortable but that's because broken, pathetic people make us uncomfortable and it is difficult to watch a movie when you don't know if the main character will turn out to be an a**hole. That is brave storytelling because it is truly unpredictable.