To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief

A delightful Hitchcock film about an ex-burglar who must catch a thief who’s been copying this style before he gets accused of the wrong crimes. His time is running out as the police are close behind him yet he finds time for a little romance of course. A classic masterpiece starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant.

When a reformed jewel thief is suspected of returning to his former occupation, he must ferret out the real thief in order to prove his innocence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yuping L (br) wrote: :) fun and sentiment, hope and disapointment

Scott C (jp) wrote: Some nice moments, but weak overall. Not one of Levinson's best.

Brian C (nl) wrote: Even lesser Mel Brooks films have always proven to be guaranteed laughs, which is what makes this one so depressing. I waited for it to become funny. I wanted to laugh hard and often and call this a great guilty pleasure. But my biased adoration of Brooks' humor can't make this sad slog any less unfunny and desperate. It's probably for the best that Brooks stopped making movies after this.

Brett C (nl) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Some Kind of Wonderful was a film that I have seen roughly around 5-6 years ago, during the height of my 80s/John Hughes addiction; but I have always felt that this was a misstep for Hughes and stands very small against the rest of his high school screenplays. My sister has told me many times that Some Kind of Wonderful is a response to the disappointed audiences of Pretty in Pink's conclusion. Watching this now, my memory of Pretty in Pink is pretty vague but if there is one thing I do remember, and after this viewing, I can boldly say that Pretty in Pink is a much better crafted movie than Some Kind of Wonderful; down to the script, direction, performances, and soundtrack.John Hughes' screenplay revolves around a middle class boy, Keith who works at a gas station and is best friends with a tomboy drummer, Watts. Keith falls in love with a gorgeous socialite, Amanda Jones, and manages to get a date with her, but not everyone around him is pleased with it. Some Kind of Wonderful attempts to reach beyond its shallow storyline about social class and the selfish intentions that people would go through in order to maintain or reach that desired class. The film could have succeeded in exploring this if it didn't shape its story too heavily, and by that I mean the characters in this film feels too aware of their mature issues and handles it in such a way that does not feel appropriate to their age groups. This obsession with social class also connects with the obsession that some of the characters in this film have with their personal insecurities. I think this would have provided deep insight of its characters if it was emphasised enough by Howard Deutch's direction or Hughes' script. Self-awareness is a significant trait that everyone must strive to gain but for one to have complete awareness, especially during a youthful age where it is very uncommon, is almost unbelievable when projected on screen. I think it would have worked if only one or two characters truly had the answer or are fully aware of their and society's flaws but in this film, almost every single one had something extremely important to claim or convey to its audience and due to this, I felt a little bombarded.The film also touches on an interesting relationship between father and son, which is a safe recipe for family drama, but this film does not expose enough of it, to make it such a serious issue; the characters only seem to deal with the problem when it arises, we do not get to see how their relationship impact each other outside the heated arguments.Some Kind of Wonderful features generic performances from its cast, with Eric Stoltz coming out as the strongest of key cast members. Stoltz played the isolated "loser" character, Keith Nelson, strongly but lacked that punch that Jon Cryer was able to deliver in Pretty in Pink. Lea Thompson does decently as the sexy Amanda Jones, relying more on her ability to physically attract rather than to emotionally impact. Mary Stuart Masterson was kind of forgettable here, which is frustrating as her role was meant to be this character that stands out from the rest. I was, however, impressed with Elias Koteas who plays this rebellious punk, balancing fear and comedy through his dialogue delivery and facial expressions.Out of John Hughes' screenwriting filmography, Some Kind of Wonderful is his most disappointing, at least from what I have yet seen, due to its easy to follow storyline but difficult to connect with characters.

Vadim D (br) wrote: Aside from the really bad ending, this film is kind of fun and creepy. It's a decent follow up to the original and has some impressive special effects for the time. Too bad everything that is fun in here gets overshadowed by a terribly silly ending.

Jerem M (jp) wrote: It's like a bad cross between It's A Wonderful Life and a Twilight Zone episode. Critics like this??

Ollie W (ag) wrote: Massively uneven splicing of Gaelic social realism and werewolf monster horror that despite some nicely understated performances, Kate Dickie and Hannah Stanbridge especially, rather fails to convince in either department. Entertaining for the most part. And an admirable directional effort by McCarthy nonetheless.

Kyle G (kr) wrote: Tree stars just for Dennis Hopper

Aguirre P (us) wrote: very slow. zzzzzzzzzZ