To eteron imisy

To eteron imisy

Vicki and Fedon are two marriage counselors who have, seemingly, solved all their marital problems. Although their false happiness is exposed when they fall randomly onto a special grocery store couple, Marina and Zecharia.

Phaidon and Vicky are successful therapists and a happy married couple, until they meet a couple different from all others! For the first time they see how their 'successful' marriage is far away for a marriage truly fitting. This film includes everything. Humor, emotion, hyperbole, a murder and a rich cast of popular Greek actors. Focus on the original sin of Adam and Eve, this movie is 'trying' to make a commentary especially on the problematic marriage, but also on bad relationships. Does not succeed, precisely because it does not actually saying anything new. However, while remaining on the surface, there is a sincere disposition towards the situations presented. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael T (de) wrote: Enthralling piece of American slice-of-life.

Dylan M (ag) wrote: Nothing to expect. Doesn't live up to the hype

Alex H (mx) wrote: Alliteratively, it's a bizarre but beautiful buried treasure by Bernard Rose. Silent Hill for kids? But really, this movie would have scared the fuck outta me if I'd watched as a kid. This is the sort of concept that would have turned into a complete disaster in the wrong hands (a Neil Gaiman adaptation or two come to mind). Lucky for us, Rose is a fabulously imaginative and literate director. Paperhouse deserves better than complete obscurity.

Nina S (ru) wrote: One of my top 10 forever... Oshima shot this entire movie in one take, brilliantly done. A masterpiece!

Augustine H (mx) wrote: In this last directorial feature, Bergman prepared his grandest feast for us. Not only the exceptional stunning visual beauty differs from his solemn routine, the criticisms against religion is way more gentle that that in the past. An endearing moral tale is left for the audience to chew on the innocence and forgiveness.

Michael H (ca) wrote: More a police procedural than an out and out horror, this is stylish, atmospheric and very well done

Orlok W (br) wrote: The boys sign off with unbridled joy--End of an era!!

Steve M (br) wrote: Before I Hang Starring: Boris Karloff, Evelyn Keyes, Edward Van Sloan, Bruce Bennett, and Don Beddoe Director: Nick Grinde John Garth (Karloff), a research scientist who devoted his career to cure the disease of aging, developes a successful anti-aging serum that has one teeny-tiny side-effect: It turns him into a mad killer whenever he sees blood. This is a decent little horror flick with sci-fi overtones and elements that resonate even louder today than they did when it was released in 1940. With its themes of mercy-killings of suffering old people, the death penelty, stem cell research, and anti-aging drugs (I can see Dr. Garth working in one of those "anti-aging clinics" we have a small chain of here in the Northwest), the fillm has something to say on a number of topics that remain the subject of heated discussion in the halls of both scientific and political power. With good acting--Boris Karloff once again does a great job at transforming one character he is playing into another one, with just his facial expression and body language to help him--and the supporting cast are all excellent in their parts. This is an interesting flick that might well be a real classic, due to its timeless subject matter.

Barry T (de) wrote: Classic 70's soft core blaxploitation film!

Zach W (br) wrote: "xXx" was a tattoo on Xander Cage. It was his nickname, and all of a sudden, in this turd of a movie, it becomes a word for a new kind of secret agent? They didn't even explain it away, they just expect us to go with it.