To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

David loves his wife, Gillian. Unfortunately, she died two years ago. David deals with his grief by continuing his romance with Gillian during walks with her "ghost" on the beach at night. While David lives in the past, other family problems crop up in the present in the real world....

David seems to be desperate because of the death of his beloved wife two year ago. He is stuck in terrible circumstance when he can not accept the truth. However, One day he must change to save himself and his daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ola G (ca) wrote: Florence Marr (Greta Gerwig) is the assistant to Phillip Greenberg (Chris Messina), and now the entire family is packing for a trip to Vietnam. Phillip explains that his brother, Roger (Ben Stiller), will be staying in the house while they are away, and he asks Florence to help Roger if he needs anything. His wife, Carol (Susan Traylor), confides that Roger has just been released from a hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown. Roger is a washed-up failed musician and works now as a carpenter and has been hired by Phillip to build a dog house for their dog, Mahler. Roger doesn't drive, and needs Florence's help, especially with Mahler. He's also connecting with former band-mates and an old crush. He over-analyzes, has a short fuse, and doesn't laugh at himself easily. As he navigates through past and present, he's his own saboteur. He needs to find himself while re-connecting with the past in order to move on with his life... On Rotten Tomatoes, the consensus reads: "Greenberg's title character is harder to like than most, but Ben Stiller's nuanced performance and a darkly funny script help take the misanthropic edge off." Kurt Loder of MTV News wrote, "The movie is set up as a quirky romance between two lost souls, but in the end it seems more like a stalemate than a love match." David Edelstein of New York Magazine lamented: "Greenberg would be a heckuva movie if we could just get Greenberg out of there." Christopher Tookey of the Daily Mail was perhaps the most harsh critic of the film: "This is the kind of low-budget movie that attracts respectful reviews, but tiny audiences. That's because there's virtually no story or character development and the main character's an idiot." The main issue with "Greenberg" is that Roger is so unlikable it's quite impossible to root for him. He is polarizing, hurting and hurtful. His mental issues manifest themselves through various phobias and idiosyncrasies, which points to the fact that his is just afraid of life and of taking risks that could possibly lead to failure. He avoids large groups of people, writes endless letters of complaints to companies he feels have somehow screwed him over, overreacts to other people's words and actions, and makes a general antisocial and sociopathic pain-in-the-ass of himself. He is as well psychologically abusive to Florence, that carries her own share of vulnerabilities, whom he keeps pushing away with his eccentric behavior. Throughout the film he is a pain in the ass for everyone around him and you quickly realise that Roger is just someone you wouldve cut out of your own personal life. Why the other characters dont do that, like Ivan, is a mystery to me. He makes himself so hard to like and he cant see why people dont like him alas no knowledge of the self. Theres moments when he actually shows a deeper understanding of his ways and actions, but not enough. He never reaches some sort of closure with himself. Even if we are told that he just been released from a mental institution, you simply forget about that in the equation as the character development is static and we see no real change in him. And when you put together two socially challenged characters as Florence and Roger you need a greater dynamic which is missing here in my point of view. Greta Gerwig does a great job as the physically and emotionally awkward Florence, while Stiller is just playing an akward moping Stiller in a way. Noah Baumbach tries to put another spike into indie heaven, but his progressive story is all over the place with no real direction. The attempt to adding some black comedy doesnt work either. Do we care what happens with him and Florence? Do we care what happens when his brother and his family comes home? Do we care if he manages to actually patch up things with his old bandmates and maybe start playing again? I reckon my answer is no. "Greenberg" fails due to that fact that the film makes it too hard to identify or empathize with the characters, especially Roger, who is just annoyingly self-indulgent and nothing else.