To Joy

To Joy

To Joy (Swedish: Till glädje) is a 1950 Swedish film directed by Ingmar Bergman about a young married couple who play together in a Swedish orchestra.

Two violinists playing in the same orchestra fall in love and get married, but they can't get along. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


To Joy torrent reviews

Rober S (kr) wrote: A scary dream of our collective future. Not sure I'm glad to know of it; and frustrated for feeling the need to contemplate it. : /

Pamela M (it) wrote: Get dialogue! Love it!

Oscar K (mx) wrote: Film is a joke. Unfunny and definetley not worth your time or money

Clara V (ca) wrote: It was a really cute movie. Really smart and original.

Ann A (ru) wrote: Beautiful little postcard of a movie.

Michael W (au) wrote: Advanced Proteus computer infiltrates the home security system of its creator and mates with his estranged wife. Good but shows signs of its age at this point. I wonder if Alfred was allowed to return to home security after Proteus was disconnected.

Matt S (mx) wrote: Sucked in by the "John Woo Presents" Stayed for the poorly executed action sequences- Fighting to stay awake by the end. If i was forced to say something nice...the movie looked good - production value was decent. Sadly, not worth the 1.00 redbox rental....

Michael B (br) wrote: Personally, I've got sore misgivings. Well put some talcum powder on them. Brilliant.

Nathan D (ag) wrote: amazing give the man props, it was the 50's.

Brianne S (jp) wrote: I love the tone of this film. Hope has some absolutely brilliant one liners, and overall a great character that he clearly gets right into. The bad guys and plot twists are a suitably mad cap send up of the detective genre, and the pace is fast and fun!

David M (it) wrote: DC animated movie, based on the Superman Brainiac comics.I think, with Superman stories, the thing is it can go either one of two ways: either we get the origin/introspection/Clark Kent story, or we get the Superman punching things (usually some sort of pseudo sci-fi) method.This falls very much into the latter category.

Joe W (ca) wrote: I loved this film! It is such a visually beautiful piece of filmmaking with impressive camerawork/cinematography, a well-put-together cast, not to mention a magnificent musical score by John Williams! Anyone who loves horses, or is a WWI enthusiast, or is a Spielberg fan will love this film!