To My Dear Granny

To My Dear Granny

This is not a story about a loving grandmother.

This is not a story about a loving grandmother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cecily B (gb) wrote: It was an interesting look on the fascinating world of My Little Pony. I think it would be more interesting to those people who are into it like the "Bronies" because there was a lot I didn't get or probably appreciate because I don't watch it personally. It was interesting to learn more about it though.

Lily L (gb) wrote: bien marrant! jonathan lambert a mourir de rire!

Dorie L (us) wrote: I saw this in LA at the Los Feliz 3 Theater. It was hilarious. Thomas Middleditch reminds me of a young Gene Wilder. Damon Wayans Jr. was great. Yes, it can be a little raunchy, but so was Bridesmaids. Everyone was really funny and there were a lot of people that popped in and out that you would recognize like Ed Helms & Greg Germann. If you want a good laugh, go see or or rent it on VOD.

Adam P (us) wrote: sometimes u see good films, and this is definatly not one of them, it is by far the worst horror film ever made, you would rather be the victims in this movie than watch it, its a copy of texas chainsaw massacer and the hitcher, overall cheap, uninventive, unimaginative and boring.

Zeek F (mx) wrote: Besides the pretty decent leading performance this movie is a piece of unorganized, confussing, and pointless crap.

Herb h (mx) wrote: The real beginning or the boy from Bel Air. Strange movie to follow but love the actors

Ennan G (mx) wrote: I find myself difficult appreciating overtly smoking and sex scene. Otherwise, it is a pretty good movie with huge suspense. And...Sharon Stone is really gorgeous.

Harold AndDanielle R (gb) wrote: Great 90's piece. Great cast. Almost comedic take in violence that could only be pulled off by this 90's cast. I liked how another fan called this a Young Guns of Mobsters. May not be for everyone, especially if you try taking it to serious or try to compare it to Godfather. I enjoyed it very much reminds me if Young Guns meets Dick Tracey.

DJ FACE IZ THA 1 U R LOOKIN 4 (jp) wrote: this movie is the shit you got to be a real hip-hop head to love the movie

Ken S (kr) wrote: This sequel to "Westworld" suffers from a tremendous lack of fun that its predecessor had. This film has a decent premise that builds on the ideas from the previous film, but it is kind of stuffy, and the climactic end feels a little dull. The dream sequence that is shoehorned in just to get Yul Brynner a cameo as the Gunslinger felt unnecessary to the plot of this film. I liked elements of this movie, but it just lacked the fun spirit the first film had.

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Elton G (de) wrote: Christopher Nolan's Inception is one of his best films to date. That's sayig a lot.

Victor T (gb) wrote: After the acclaimed "Boyhood", Richard Linklater continues to make coming of age films with "Everybody Wants Some!!". Having been advertised as ' "Dazed and Confused" spiritual sequel'. Is this as good as his best efforts?We follow a group of jocks as they go from one party to another and overall live the college lifestyle. Yep, that's about it. So basically there is no plot. It seems that Richard Linklater is only interested in two topics, rock music and anthropology, as he continues to make films without structure or plot hoping to get emotions from the audience if they can relate to his characters, so you would think that his films would get tiresome or mundane but while they get more predictable as each comes by they are still effective, with the proof being this Van Halen named film. "Everybody Wants Some!!" counts with the natural acting you expect in a Linklater film, the 80s setting is executed perfectly, the soundtrack is solid (but as much as I like most of the songs, they are all over the place), and most of the story segments are quite enjoyable (I especially loved the punk segment, for obvious reasons). But as I said early, Linklater shows that he is running out of ideas. The characters are hit or miss as some of them are quite entertaining but others are completely unnecessary, the amount of 'subplots' is needlessly high, it has major pacing issues, the characters are stereotypes, and Linklater continues to write his hippie "deep" dialog. "Everybody Wants Some!!" is basically "Boyhood" meets "Dazed and Confused". It is a flawed but highly enjoyable film. While it suffers from major pacing issues and unnecessary subplots, it still is charming, relatable (regardless of what generation you are from), and entertaining. Not one of Linklater's best, and far from being as good as "Dazed and Confused", but still a good film.