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To på topp torrent reviews

David K (es) wrote: A powerhouse performance in Art-house cinema. A movie that defies all conventions and expectations and stays visually amazing throughout.

Michelle F (fr) wrote: My husband was not a fan...until seeing this movie. Well done, Crowe.

Michael P (it) wrote: A ridiculous movie that was fun and funny. It started a little slow for me but really picked up in the second half where it was hilarious.

Matt W (kr) wrote: Visually this film is a masterpiece, those that are easily disturbed need to stay away from this one. Stay with the film, you never know when the next twist in this crazy story my rear its ugly head. A beautifully made film, that ambles along at a fine pace. Sono really knows how to make a good film.

Simon D (us) wrote: Yet another James Bond satire but with one redeeming fator, Rowan Atkinson, who's jokes were pretty funny. You've got to get inside the ego of J.E. to get that the jokes are not just slapstick but actually all about him trying to convince everybody that he can do James Bond even though he can't and he knows it. I know a few people like this in real life, they are not so funny.

James K (it) wrote: Shakespeare for the Tarantino generation:Julie Taymor's adaption of Shakespeare's epic tragedy is done on a grand scale, the capitol of Rome is large and feels powering. However the strong point of the film is the cast, Anthony Hopkins plays Titus with just enough amount of madness to make him seem realistic, Lange steals the show as the Goth queen Tamora; whilst theater favorite Alan Cumming provides the comedy reilf as a very camp Saturninus.

Ira R (ag) wrote: A great movie. The music and story was great but everything was a bit rushed. Everything was going a little too fast.

John W (de) wrote: Wronged high school nerd terribly injured in prank gone bad seeks revenge at fake reunion. Yep, it's even worse than it sounds. Terribly acted, low production values and more plot holes than swiss cheese. Seems to have been made up along the way. Do yourself a favor and graduate to something else please.

Nathan C (gb) wrote: Just Fucking Stay Away From This Movie And Don't Go Near It!These Jaws Films Get worse and worse.