To the Bone

To the Bone

A young woman dealing with anorexia meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life.

The movie centers on Ellen, an unruly 20-year-old anorexic girl who spent the better part of her teenage years dealing with anorexia. She meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clay K (kr) wrote: Highly recommend. A charming story with a soundtrack by Pat Metheny. Available on Netflix now.

Generoso F (mx) wrote: Solid bio doc on the late legendary 60s folk singer, Phil Ochs which shines during the moments that feature Ochs' live performances, interviews with conversations with close friends and family. The cultural context that is created helps you understand his eventual disillusionment and decline but dwells on sentimentality a bit long and feels somewhat pandering towards the baby boomers. During one twenty minute segment between assassinations of MLK and RFK, Ochs' story almost disappears from the narrative. The documentary still gives a clear portrait of a unique talent who always put his values above profit but may have been undone too often by his own ego.

Jason S (nl) wrote: Pretty good movie coming tis from WWE.

Jens S (kr) wrote: Probably takes some liberties in telling a true news story from the 80s, but does it with such a charm and big heart that you can't help but like the result. Of course that's somewhat predictable, but the decent cast and lovable message make it work. They didn't make films like that for a while, but sometimes this is exactly what you need on a dark winter afternoon. Kids will love it, for sure.

Jenn T (au) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. The ending was a little lame but well acted and good dialogue.

Steven C (de) wrote: I hate seeing people with gambling addictions, but this is is a true story and a great retelling of it. I liked it.

Andrew B (ca) wrote: Very impressive and underrated...deep, engrossing plot, and a shocking conclusion ideally left open. Interesting and thought-provoking!

Erica P (mx) wrote: Beautiful movie, even with some minor...not flaws, exactly, but there were moments.

Craig B (de) wrote: The problem with [i]Billy Bathgate[/i] is its script, which fails to establish a satisfying connection among its three principal characters. [i]Warning! Spoilers Ahead!:[/i] We know that Drew Preston (Nicole Kidman) becomes Dutch Schultz's girl after Schultz (Dustin Hoffman) kills Bo Weinberg, Drew's previous squeeze and Schultz's previous partner. There is no chemistry between Hoffman and Kidman, making me wonder why this relationship is so important in the first place. The same can be said for Dutch's relationship with Billy Bathgate (Loren Dean.) Billy is hired by Dutch and becomes a mob protege, but we are given only a few scenes in which the two characters interact on a student/teacher level. For no apparent reason, Schultz gives Bathgate the responsibility of looking after his moll. When Drew and Billy predictably become intimate, we aren't given any believable excuses as to why she needs Billy or why Bathgate would take the boneheaded chance of getting on Dutch's bad side, nor are we given the requisite sympathy to care what happens next. Hoffman's performance is the only saving grace, and there just isn't enough Hoffman to keep the film from mediocrity.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Ive never understood the reason people dont rate this movie. The movie is really a psychological thriller about a sociopath given too much power over a couple in a remote location, but set in space. effects wise, the movie goes for an update of the 1970s b movie genre and manages to create a sinister oppressive feel to the environment that adds to the overall isolation. Terrible editing and not enough pacing ruin the first half of the movie with conversations being dubbed badly and edited to move them along, stealing impact from the dramatic overtones of the first meeting between the scientists and Captain Benson, but its the Frankenstein monster robot, Hector, that makes this movie. for 1980, the only comparable movie effect of its type was Alien. the 9 foot robot is particularly menacing at times, learning from the sociapathic tendencies of Harvey Kietel as he lust after Farah Fawcett and ends up giving Hector a murderous streak that leads to Benson's death. All in all, I found it a rare gem in a time period that was filled with many b movies which fared better (Battle beyond the Stars, Battlestar Galactica, etc...) At least this was an attempt at making something much more original for the time whilest most film companies were responding to Star Wars by releasing any old tripe.

Katie R (nl) wrote: Very sexy pre-code. As always, Shearer and Montgomery are a great pair,and Shearer's chemistry with Marshall is really strong as well.

Stefanie R (au) wrote: Sweet and funny. It's always lovely to see a movie with James Stewart in it.

Steve D (us) wrote: I like the play a lot this adaptation is to dated to be fun

Matthew B (kr) wrote: some times critics just need to shut up

Jim B (ru) wrote: Great cast and story, but it became a courtroom drama after the first half.

Bruno V (ru) wrote: Enjoyed watching this movie for the Third time i think . SOMVID