To the Wonder

To the Wonder

After falling in love in Paris, Marina and Neil come to Oklahoma, where problems arise. Their church's Spanish-born pastor struggles with his faith, while Neil encounters a woman from his childhood.

The film is a romantic drama. Marina falls in love with Neil in Paris and they come to Oklahoma together. They must pass through many the degree of love to maintain and protect their love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon R (br) wrote: very slow but more of the same

Shae S (gb) wrote: It's well put-together. And it gives a lot of good, in-depth information. But I was left wanting so much more. How does the victim feel now? Why did she not want Polanski in jail? Why report the crime if she didn't want him in jail? (Obviously there are deeper things that are brushed over here. It's briefly mentioned and then never returned to that she wanted it known what he had done. )The whole legal shenanigans involved is so confusing anyway, it's difficult to wrap your mind around the whole thing. The doc didn't do a lot to remedy that. Important points that contributed to drastic outcomes in the case and Polanski's life were breezed over too quickly in brief titles that don't give you a chance to process. This is something that could be easily solved in the editing with a quieter moment with some B-roll or something. Maybe this isn't the fault of a substandard documentary, but rather an evidence of the strength of a well-formulated documentary, but I was left feeling almost more confused about the whole affair than before it began. I have more questions now than I did before. Perhaps this is a good thing. Nonetheless, I wished this doc had been longer and more in depth, especially as it relates to the victim.

Guy B (fr) wrote: Troubled & volatile Hannah (Cartlidge) connects with timid Annie (Steadman) in this warm, touching & humorous tale of contrasting characters finding unexpected redemption in each other's vulnerability. Improvisational drama at its best, with career-defining role from Mark Benton as the increasingly disturbed Ricky. Sad and uplifting in equal measure.

Carlos I (au) wrote: So damn good! One of the better King adaptations. Still holds up. Sometimes dead is better.

angel m (it) wrote: This Brings Me Back To All The things your parents tell you not to do and you have the rebelliouse babysitter Friend That Lets you Do The no no's This Is a Touching Story Gets me every time ...

Michael R (es) wrote: Watched this again after many years. Something about ppl living through the camera resonates with me. Sledgehammer filmmaking is always fun, er, not when it slams home the real pain of life under the gun. Boyle is drawn to what lives in him, and is really seeking a release from the inner prison. Woods performs this fight perfectly. The political backdrop is seemingly left-oriented or at least critical of the horrific Reagan admin (and when I was a kid I loved this aspect), but the truth is Stone's art finds the underlying reality, that the politcal battering rams ppl use to oppress or survive by are just elements to fight through, and it's really chaos at work in the world but not necessarily human choices. Boyle wants to be a better human being, and the world throws more shit at him for it. Some people can relate.

Pete H (de) wrote: An integral part of my childhood.

Jacob P (jp) wrote: The story was pretty good, it's just that it got just a little too boring and off track at some points.

Greg W (jp) wrote: charlie at his little tramp finest

Bilal S (br) wrote: Good old martial arts action.

Connor G (jp) wrote: Delightfully witty, and jumps between action and comedy surprisingly well.