Toad Road

Toad Road

A disturbing portrait of contemporary youth culture where the lines between reality and fiction are blurred with often frightening results.

A portrait of contemporary youth culture, where the lines between reality and fiction are blurred with often frightening results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kashfia F (de) wrote: One of the best werewolf movies...only one that stayed true to the legend.

James H (ag) wrote: Fun throwback comedy to the big insect movies of the 50s.

Jordon J (gb) wrote: This movie is shit,The acting,story,everything just absolute shit,This movie has no point.I say SKIP IT!!!

Kathryn M (us) wrote: his yelling, talking out of breath style is unpleasant

Malou G (br) wrote: nice performance for the characters especially the two couple girls.

Luis B (kr) wrote: un thriller gallego con demasiadas vueltas de tuerca, entretiene pero a la larga cansa un poco.

Francisco L (us) wrote: Tim Burton's Corpse Bride is an original adaptation of a vulgar and boring story that thanks to the boring characters and awful songs won't captivate neither young audience neither the adults.

Jessica H (au) wrote: a waste of your time.

EWC o (br) wrote: Funny moments and many relatable characters, but it is slow between comedic moments.

Brad S (mx) wrote: I first saw this in theatres. not a great movie but Wilder/Pryor have great chemistry and make it fun to watch. it's also an early role for Kevin Spacey. Give it a try!

Jason S (de) wrote: This movie has always been great, at least to me. This was when TV actually made great made-for-TV movies. Watched it last night for the first time in almost 20 years.

Art L (gb) wrote: Drags on a bit with the dialogue, but the funny parts are HILARIOUS. Divine kills it in every scene. ??????

Leah C (us) wrote: "I was..just going...down get some warm meeellk"

TheLords A (fr) wrote: Okay so this is the second to last package film that Disney has made. So Here's Disney review # 38: Make Mine Music. Plots: Blue Bayou:This segment is a story about a blue bayou that was originally made for Fantasia using the Claude Debussy musical composition Clair de Lune. All the Cats Join In: This was about 1940s teens that get swept away by popular music. Without You: This was a ballad of lost love, sung by Andy Russell. Casey at the Bat:This segment featured Jerry Colonna, reciting the poem "Casey at the Bat" about this arrogant ballplayer. Two Silhouettes:This segment featured two live-action ballet dancers, moving in silhouette with animated backgrounds and characters with Dinah Shore singing the song. Peter and the Wolf: This is an animated dramatization of the 1936 musical composition by Sergei Prokofiev, with narration by actor Sterling Holloway. A Russian boy named Peter set off into the forest to hunt the wolf with his animal friends: Sasha the bird, Sonia the duck, and Ivan the cat. After You've Gone: This segment again features Benny Goodman and his orchestra with cartoon musical instruments. Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet:It's the romantic story of two hats in a department store window named Johnny and Alice who fall in love. But then Alice was sold, leaving Johnny on a quest to find her. The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met: It's the story of a whale who has incredible musical talent and dreams of becoming a star. But a opera producer named Tetti-Tatti goes on a quest to find and kill him on the belief that he's able to sing because he has swallowed some opera singers. Eh...whatever. That's what I really feel about this movie. I guess the thing is that my experience with most of Disney's package films where there's a lot of stories in them has left me to not really caring a whole lot about those movies. I mean both Fantasia movies I can stand a little more because I'm older and I can appreciate some of the choices of music and the stories a lot more. And Ichabod and Mr. Toad, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and also Fun and Fancy Free (which I hope to re-watch and review soon), I can manage those films because they had less stories in them and the stories they did have were all fun. But then you get this movie, Melody Time, Saludos Amigos, and The Three Caballeros... and I can't really stand them. I mean Make Mine Music, Saludos Amigos and Melody Time I'm willing to give them a 60 or a 70% because they did have some stories that I liked. The other stories in those films I just didn't like but I would declare the movies okay just because those stories weren't terrible The Three Caballeros might've been the case too if the second half of the movie isn't Donald chasing girls and last quarter of the movie was a mind f*ck which I just hated. I'm really taking what I recently heard the Nostalgia Critic say about a few of these particular films, but I have to agree with him that a lot of the actual good stories they had should've been made totally separate from these films. So in the case of this film, the stories that really stood out were Peter and the Wolf, The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met, and Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet. The rest weren't terrible but they weren't that interesting to me. Music:It was nice. Again the parts that stood out were from Peter and the Wolf, The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met, and Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet. And that's my review for Make Mine Music. I know I was rambling about Disney package films to begin with, but a lot of what I had to say included this movie. So really I'm glad that that this is the last package film with more than two or three stories because I am done! done! DONE!

Bruno V (au) wrote: Nothing better than taking revenge of your mother's killers ...Alright ! SOMDVD

Reno V (ru) wrote: How long can you hold your breath?The 1989 'Leviathan' is part of the wave of many underwater-movies that appeared after the success of Cameron's 'The Abyss'. I agree that the claustrophobic location and creaturely-suspense are compared to 'Alien' and 'The Thing'. Although it had an impressive cast with Peter Weller (Robocop), Richard Crenna (Rambo Trilogy), Daniel Stern (Home Alone) and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), 'Leviathan' did not get the fame it deserved. On the last day of their 90 day project a team of seven deep-sea miners, working for the Tri-Oceanic Corporation, stumble upon a wrecked Soviet ship, 'The Leviathan'. Two of the miners enter it and retrieve a closed safe. Back at their underwater base the team agrees to open the safe. Inside they find documents of the deceased crew of 'The Leviathan', a videotape and a bottle of Vodka. While Commander Steven Beck (Weller) takes away the liquor, another team member Sixpack (Stern) is able to hide a flask. Bowman, who saw this, convinces Sixpack to share the Vodka with her.The following day Sixpack feels sick and gets examined by Doc Thompson (Crenna), who discovers strange markings on his back. He's infected with something. When Sixpack dies eight hours later, Doc and Beck decide not to tell the others to avoid panic. But what they don't see, is that the corpse of Sixpack is mutating. And just then, Bowman begins to feel ill and hell is about to get lose...

Stephanie S (fr) wrote: Sorry haters we liked it. Couldn't care less about rating his hair or wardrobe, he can act and still does it well. We watched start to finish and would watch it again. Go JT you still have "it."