Toate pînzele sus

Toate pînzele sus

The action follows the ship "Speranta" (Hope) in it's journey half way around the world, with incredible adventures of her crew-members struggling to get through to their destination. On ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

The action follows the ship "Speranta" (Hope) in it's journey half way around the world, with incredible adventures of her crew-members struggling to get through to their destination. On ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lewis C (kr) wrote: There's one big reason to watch Beach Spike, and that's if you want to see some attractive Asian girls in bikinis playing volleyball, often in slow motion. It does that very well: the rest is a mixed bag.The movie tries to be be a romance/comedy/sports hybrid, a bit like Shaolin Soccer. Unfortunately, it's mediocre in almost all those areas. Especially the action scenes and volleyball matches, which should be the highlights of the movie. The women look great, but it's also obvious that they're not the volleyball experts that their characters are. Most of the matches look extremely staged and choreographed, though the final one is pretty intense. The story, about two girls playing to save their beach from being closed to build a resort, often strives to be sentimental, exciting or amusing, but the writing for the characters is so thin that all that tugging at our emotions just doesn't do much. Still, Beach Spike is mostly light, fun, and very easy on the eyes. I finally got invested in the characters a bit at the end, and the predictability and slightness of the plot just didn't matter much anymore. Or maybe I was just distracted by how pretty Chrissie Chau, Theresa Fu and Jessica C. were. Take it for what it is, and Beach Spike isn't that bad. If you're not watching for the eye candy, you won't find much to keep your interest.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: The direction is not flawless, with the camera constantly going out of focus, but this essential film remains an inspiring testament to the power of protests and the voice of the people, especially in times when rebellions ought to come up everywhere against abusive regimes.

Jason V (fr) wrote: Seems very odd, but pretty funny.I anyways haven't been to see it on theatre.I wanted to see it also cause I like the duo of humorist playing it (Eric & Ramzy). Their comedies aren't amazingly fun, but some are very good anyways, like their last one, the 1st they directed, named "Seuls Two". Meaning Single Two.

Cancelled U (ag) wrote: It is a fresh concept for Bollywood viewers, but for non Bollywood? it might be little average. Set in Mumbai, metropolitan city in India - it shows different stories and characters, connected to each other. Some says its a rip off 'The Apartment', 'Love Story', what else? I think let it be, I liked it. The problems the character face do happens in real life, especially it depict Indian society pretty well. The actors did good, especially Irfan Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma; they are gifted actors.6/10.

Eliabeth R (nl) wrote: Slow but still pretty good.

Joanna W (ca) wrote: I prefer this far more than the first one.

Robert C (kr) wrote: While not as good as "Heathers" or "Mean Girls," "Jawbreaker" isn't as awful as critics make it out to be. If anything, its main sin is that it's too dark for most people to stomach.

Ricky P (ag) wrote: Boogie Nights is a informative and interesting story that will keep you engaged all the way through with it's all star cast, slick direction and Mark Wahlberg's performance

David J (au) wrote: A very odd and mostly flat collaboration between Peter Sellers and Vittorio De Sica.....oddly self referential for it's time, some laughs though...

Ronald S (gb) wrote: Some unexpected twists and turns and overall not that bad; the actors and actresses are doing their fair share and I thought that the young actors playing the meeks brothers did a more than average job, but its obvious that the people who made this movie dont know God for real. Its absurd to assume God would ask kids to kill anyone. As if He needs us to terminate a life. Its also contradictory to what Jesus says: love theyne enemy and pray for those who persecute you. Besides it should be common knowledge that demons can possess people and all they need is a good excorcism. Furthermore there is no such thing as demons walking the earth as if they were people. Lastly it is most definetely not true to assume that a child molester is a demon; its just a person that sins and Gods aim is not for anyone to go to hell by getting rid of them here on earth. He wants them to be redeemed by accepting Jesus Christ more particular the price He has paid for our sins (you know what I mean). My point is that the story is the weakest point here and that breaks the movie, sadly enough because the story - I think obviously - is one of the most important parts of a movie.

Megan S (gb) wrote: This is a good movie, I liked the action!

Lucas Y (kr) wrote: Home Alone has not aged well, but it's still a well made film. John Hughes started losing his touch right around here. The John Williams score is great. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are perfect as the bumbling crooks. Who would've thought that? Macaulay Culkin was definitely one of the best, most spirited child actors of all time. Watching this as a 32-year old adult it just doesn't have the same magic it did when I was a kid.

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 86%Saw this on 23/1/15Layer Cake is an extremely difficult movie to keep your focus at, but once the story gets into it's pace, Layer Cake is fascinating, especially the ending.

Sam M (ca) wrote: My favourite movie of all time

Choen L (us) wrote: I am not sure if the glaring plotholes are result of bad editing or just bad script writing, but it does make for one entertaining romp after relatively slow burning 25 minute opening introduction. And oh everyone speaks English.

Rotimer J (mx) wrote: It was okay. Watchable but not particularly exciting. Some interesting ideas and some of the FX were good (some were pretty awful though).

Gonalo S (mx) wrote: Pretty much irrelevant. Boring and completely unattatching.