Tocaia no Asfalto

Tocaia no Asfalto

The psychology and life of Brazilian hitmen, common in the Northeast part of the country. In this particular case, the story revolves around a young and idealistic politician from Salvador, whom the enemies are eager to eliminate.

The psychology and life of Brazilian hitmen, common in the Northeast part of the country. In this particular case, the story revolves around a young and idealistic politician from Salvador,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ri A (br) wrote: A shit movie with shit star cast and that's Uday Chopra, who really looks +ve HIV chimpanzee.

Paul B (it) wrote: This is an entertaining and fun tribute to the Johns. I'm not sure it will win them any new fans, and perhaps paints them as weirder than they really are, but current fans will love it. Probably.

Eric N (kr) wrote: Hidden gem telling the story of a troubled man.

Pete S (nl) wrote: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be rolling over in his grave.

Hunter M (ag) wrote: Great movie, very creative.

Jessica W (gb) wrote: Love these kind of movies! Good entertainment with a complex and amusing portrait gallery and really bout nothing at all.

Shaquille P (fr) wrote: Gets straight to the point, which is something I love in a film. Shows all the highs and all the lows and tugs at your heart strings before the tragic and climatic end.

Donna M (us) wrote: Richard Gere is sexy in any role he plays. Great flick

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Heather M (de) wrote: This could have been much better with a more developed plot and better acting from the cast. As it stands it is a mildly entertaining, but completely forgettable movie.

Rebecca S (us) wrote: I had hoped my second favorite John Green novel would get as good a movie treatment as The Fault in Our Stars. Alas, it wasn't to be. There are some very nice, true-ringing teenage moments.

Adriano B (mx) wrote: Noir premises, an honest but not so inspired depiction: fact is, you never tremble in horror, nor in love, nor in awe. Not bad, but too much detached from its lonely heart.