Tocando en el silencio

Tocando en el silencio


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Linda H (it) wrote: Awful acting, Pierce Brosnan really should retire.

Shayan S (it) wrote: District 9 is considered by many to be the best recent occasion of having a sci-fi CLASSIC debuted. And it's something the genre and cinema as a whole hasn't endured in awhile since classics like Alien, Terminator, The Thing, The Fly, and many other films made by talented and pioneered filmmakers back in the day. Not only that, but it brought on South African Canadian director Neill Blomkamp into the Hollywood spotlight, though sadly suffered the 'M. Night Shyamalan Effect' (A occurrence to new or upcoming directors that start off on the right note, but get lost or dive away from what made their films enjoyable or interesting.) But anyways, after seeing this in cinemas and forgetting my initial thoughts on it i got a chance to re-watch it as of this writing. And how does it fair up after 7 years? It's pretty damn amazing. I'm lucky this film became the original sci-fi flick that it was rather than being a live-action video game adaptation to Halo that it was intended to be. Because if we had that, we wouldn't have something as gory, interesting, and original in a LONG time. While i did have issues with: often times nauseating but understandable shaky cam used in the action sequences, being too preachy on the spectrum of doing Alien Nations racism remarks on aliens in the film, and often cliche side or antagonistic characters, i can say these were issues that i picked up once i judged it after viewing. Meaning other than that, this film succeeds with FLYING colors everywhere else from: the gritty and grounded cinematography, nice homage to classic films like Aliens & Jon Carpenters The Fly, a cliche but effectively used racism message, a very atmospheric and well used soundtrack, superb acting from Shartlo Copley, the wonderfully used documentary style camerawork and framework that effectively paces the story, and of course it's interesting and very original approach to aliens visiting Earth that i think many people tend to overlook. So overall, go see this film if your big into innovative and original Sci-fi films. I had a blast re-watching this film and i can see why so many hold this as a classic for the ages.

J B (gb) wrote: Charming and sweet. The dialogue is witty and refreshing. Sarah Michelle Gellar ('Veronika Decides to Die,' 'The Air I Breathe') is one of the best actresses of her generation; this is a lighter role for her, but she soars just as gracefully.

Anna B (jp) wrote: Altman's always worth watching, although this is pretty interminable for the first act or so. The third act is really good, but it dies in the last minute or so. The music is bizarre and inappropriate, and the DVD transfer is one of the worst I've ever seen.

Jeff B (br) wrote: Interesting, but also pretty silly Italian take on the James Bond spy genre. Also, the last episode of MST3K.

Laurie P (ca) wrote: The only thing worse than watching a few minutes of this movie is to watch the whole thing, hoping it gets better. It doesn't