Todd Glass: Stand-Up Special

Todd Glass: Stand-Up Special


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Carl B (fr) wrote: Whoever made this obviously has little idea about what gothic culture really is like. Yep...most of them are raving psychopaths, or at least aspiring ones.

Harlan H (au) wrote: What a terrible and pointless film. Kind of a ripoff of Children of Men. But yeah, poor story, poor acting. Nothing really good to say.

Randy P (it) wrote: I could go for a walk in the sewers and find better crap then this.

Johnathon W (jp) wrote: Flawed but still enjoyable adaptation of Batman, that while doesn't hold up as well in comparison to the "Dark Knight Trilogy", has a style that can't be denied. Keaton delivers his solid work from the first one but receives mixed support from the cast. Danny DeVito is atrocious as the Penguin, playing him as a disgusting monster over the suave crime boss in the comics, and you never buy he can trick Gotham into voting for him as mayor. Thankfully, Michelle Pfieffer is electrifying as Catwoman, lighting up the screen ever moment she's on it (even her early moments as a bumbling secretary are hilarious). She even livens up Keaton, as the two show nice romantic chemistry and reminds everyone Catwoman is the best love interest for Batman. Behind the camera, Tim Burton crafts a stylized & beautiful version of Batman that improves over the original and makes great use of the Christmas theme (Gotham looks gorgeous in the show). However, the story is inconsistent and goes a bit out there at times (the image of an army of Penguins with rockets on their backs is ridiculous). There is a hint of the supernatural, which is interesting, especially with Catwoman suddenly turning into an acrobatic villain, along with seemingly being unable to die. Plus, Danny Elfman actually improves on his brilliant score from the first film. Overall, a flawed and not accurate Batman film, but enjoyable nonetheless. Plus, this & "Iron Man 3" are the only superhero Christmas movies we got so far.

Robert E (it) wrote: Oh my god this movie changed my life.

scott g (ag) wrote: 80s teen horror in the vein of films like Fright night in particular. 3 friends spend the night in seedy side of town lookijng for action, but coming up against vampires, lead by queen vampire Grace jones. it has its moments and certainly a product of this time. its a fun watch with bad acting and comedy horror but fun all the same.

Evan H (br) wrote: This low-budget film from Gus Van Sant is pretty good!

Allan C (jp) wrote: Weak Hammer Films produced sequel to their silly but entertaining Ursula Andress vehicle "She." This sequel is minus Andress and has Olga Schoberov as a young woman who by telepathy drawn to a mysterious island because she may or may not be the reincarnation of Andress. The first part of the film is awfully dull but the second half gets a little better once they reach the mysterious island. Still, it's not really enough to recommend watching the film, even for Hammer Fans.

Micah B (ca) wrote: You'd expect it to be poorly-acted due to the low-budget look. However this is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. It keeps true to the source material and the life of one of the Greatest, most innovative Christian artists to have ever lived in modern times.

Lee B (kr) wrote: A great neo-Grindhouse film, very funny and full of sleazy style (reminded me of Hobo With a Shotgun but I preferred WolfCop). I'm looking forward to the sequel!

Jamie B (au) wrote: A "good" movie, I suppose, but not necessarily a particularly entertaining one.