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A thrilling documentary with fictional elements based on the true story of the abduction of the president of the employer's association, Hanns-Martin Schleyer, by terrorists in the autumn ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Todesspiel torrent reviews

Vuk M (kr) wrote: Did you ever wonder when and where the zombie genre began?It started with the film, Night of the Living Dead.This is a fascinating documentary about the film itself and it's relevant then and now.Definitely worth a look!

Donnie B (it) wrote: I just watched this for a second time, and it only reinforced the zeal that I feel for this funny and disturbing picture. It's more Coen than any other in recent memory. It's to be enjoyed, pondered, and feared in its own way.

Vacationer U (es) wrote: very very very touching story

John B (de) wrote: The interviews were really creepy.

Josefine J (it) wrote: I love this movie... it have a weird ending... but it is fun to see Colin Firth play a part like this one... and he does it very well... as always :D

Scott C (gb) wrote: Peter Bogdanovich's brilliant first feature. The plot is a bit absurd, but the film rises above it to deliver an a very effective thriller.

John N (us) wrote: My wife and I watch it all the time!

Andrea D (kr) wrote: One of those "I'm hung over on a sunday" type of movies

Jeffrey P (us) wrote: Jazz pianist Tom Stewart refuses to help ex-girlfriend Vi, and as a result she plunges to her death from atop a lighthouse. Instead of freeing him to marry his fiancee, Vi haunts Tom until he joins her in the afterlife. The Mystery Science Theater version is hilarious, and the original even has a few laughs of its own!

David G (ca) wrote: A really great, true-life romantic tear-jerker. A personal favorite - one of the best gay films of recent vintage.