Todo es mentira

Todo es mentira

Pablo hates everything. When Lucia comes into his life, he thinks she's the woman he dreams of, and sees the solution to all his problems. But Lucia, who is rather manipulating, is just what will make Pablo explode. Nobody believes in the ideal couple, not even Pablo's friends, who live all in couples, and all with problems: Between Ariel and Lola there is a professional rivalty they don't know how to cope with; Claudio lives on Natalia, and none of them feels good about it; what's wrong with Alejandro and Beatriz is just the big age difference between them two. Nobody is happy with his partenaire, but everyone will let it be, maybe for conformism, maybe for fear, maybe for lazyness, or maybe because Everything is false.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:pessimist,  

Pablo hates everything. When Lucia comes into his life, he thinks she's the woman he dreams of, and sees the solution to all his problems. But Lucia, who is rather manipulating, is just ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zakk M (br) wrote: The worst spoof I've ever seen. Very much so pointless and a waste of the $1.00 I spent on redbox to rent it. Worst 2 hours of my life ever.

Fernando Z (au) wrote: Great Flick, must see

Tanmart S (au) wrote: This movie looks pretty. The artwork is great, the characters look beautiful, and the soundtrack is pleasant. However while the characters are indeed cute, they are remarkably uninteresting. The plot twists and developments are routine and unremarkable. The film has got heart but the laid back pace and the (sort of) mundane conflicts just didn't do it for me.

Nick P (au) wrote: Pretty good! And not just because of Charlize Therons boobs! :P

bill s (fr) wrote: Cheesy and corny but that's not a weak point.One time watch that you'll have a tough time remembering later.

Eve C (kr) wrote: Un de mes film culte

Eliabeth N (fr) wrote: At some points really, really enjoyable and at others I found it hard to decide what I thought. The cast were all incredible in their roles, particularly Emma Thompson, I loved the surreal aspect of the film and sometimes I did laugh out loud. But saying that there was just still something a little off about the film, I think maybe it was just down to the fact I wasn't overly thrilled with the ending.

Andrew W (ru) wrote: It seemed like a good idea. Glad I finished it.

Alex B (it) wrote: Primitive accumulation in action (though too much in this film depends, typically, on "character"--like conscience, an old-fashioned/obsolete bourgeois fetish).

Benot R (de) wrote: Durant la grosse moiti du film, du dbut jusqu' l'arrive de Celia la maison de son mari, l'ennui a t bien plus fort que le reste. Elle parle, elle parle, elle s'inquite, la voix-off utilise m'a passablement ennuy, racontant des choses que l'on peut deviner uniquement par l'image. L'ambiance a vraiment du mal s'installer et puis d'un seul coup, tout devient meilleur. Une fois dans la maison, l'inquitude s'installe beaucoup plus, le suspense aussi. Joan Bennett est incroyable, Lang dmontre encore une vritable matrise la mise en scne. Heureusement que la seconde moiti du film est incroyable. Trop ingal, et dans le genre, j'ai beaucoup mieux fonctionn House by the river. Toutefois, l'oeuvre dmontre que chaque homme possde des pulsions qui le pousseraient tuer. Tout le monde a dj pens un jour tuer quelqu'un.

Brandon O (it) wrote: /10Acting - 8.5Writing - 9Dialogue - 9Plot & Characterization - 9Cinematography & Editing - 9Soundtrack/Score & Set Design - 9.5How much I enjoyed it personally - 9

Panayiotis P (nl) wrote: True story! Aksizei ton kopo pragmatika

Peter F (us) wrote: Numb-skullery at it's most obvious.

Sandra L (ca) wrote: Me esos datos bizarros que uno necesita tener en la cabeza jeje

Zoltan C (au) wrote: Great adventure flick!