Todo lo que tú quieras

Todo lo que tú quieras

Leo is immediately set adrift by his new found responsibilities as a single parent, a feeling that is made doubly distressing when Dafne, herself understandably confused and heartbroken by ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wig,   cabaret,   grief,  

Leo is immediately set adrift by his new found responsibilities as a single parent, a feeling that is made doubly distressing when Dafne, herself understandably confused and heartbroken by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucia B (mx) wrote: Ang kulit ni Drew. Haha~ Galeng.

ana c (nl) wrote: muy linda perpectiva....

Colton D (ca) wrote: Blood Diamond is well-acted, well-directed, and contains juicy social commentary. The film also, unfortunately meanders too long until it finds its general purpose to be as great as it could be.

Laetitia K (es) wrote: A melancholy meditation upon both the events of May 1968 in Paris and a doomed love affair. Garrel is not just an artless aesthete, he is unexpectedly and intensely romantic -- imagining and realizing a character who can die for love.

Adam A (gb) wrote: This was a rom com worth watching. Funny acting, good plot. Simply hilarious!

bill s (nl) wrote: Fun little watch but far from memorable.

Jonah H (au) wrote: This great movie was part of my childhood!

Josef A (mx) wrote: Man, what a hoot his movie is. Sloan is let out of prison (?) and recruited by the CIA or whatever (??) to infiltrate a secret underground street fighting tournament (???), run by none other than Thai kickboxing champion turned Mexican druglord, and apparently "savage international terrorist"(!), Tong Po. Apparently at some point between Kickboxer 3 and this movie Sloan got married, because for some reason Tong Po has kidnapped his wife.The movie is a complete cheesefest with an absolutely ludicrous plot, terrible (if at times funny) fight scenes, an almost nonexistant soundtrack, the least intimidating villain in the history of film (not only did Tong Po shrink about 2 feet since his last appearance, he also does nothing but walk around with his shirt off, and referee fights) and not to mention plenty of completely gratuitous nudity.The original Kickboxer is as close as this series ever came to being a real film, but Kickboxer 4 is probably the most entertaining one.

Kristina L (ca) wrote: watching "brokeback mountain" reminds me of "another country" and rupert everett :)

Michael H (mx) wrote: A powerful tale of a con man who leaps into the tent revival game for money and a woman, the people he's used along the way, the people he takes in (and doesn't), and the woman who becomes fatally convinced of her own divinity. A few moments go over the top, but Lancaster's bombastic performance is mesmerizing and the rest of the cast lends it solid support at every turn. Elmer seems emerge a better person, but not in any miraculously broad transformation, rather through beginning to learn how his life impacts others and beginning to learn what he really values. The movie takes some hard swipes and religiosity with much lighter swipes at the lone atheist voice leaving the movie's point of view pretty clear but with enough wiggle room to allow the faithful in the audience to evade it.

Edward W (ru) wrote: The golden moment in this movie is the reveal of the most unbelievable aliens ever, and the subsequent unsatisfactory explanation of their buggy eyes. The rest is unsalvagable. Nothing is more exciting than five-minute-footage of insects coupled with poorly timed sound effects. For the record, didn't see the Film Crew panning, just saw it alone, and it made me very sad.

katsist (br) wrote: Fight scenes are cool everything else is not very good.

Tim D (es) wrote: Not a bad watch. Had a few good laughs in there and is very watchable. Not Dane Cooks or Jessica Alba's best but still good enough to keep you interested

Knox M (gb) wrote: "Where To Invade Next" is funnier than anything made in the last three years.