Todos a la cárcel

Todos a la cárcel

In the celebration of the day of the political prisonner the victims of the Franco repression meet in the jail of Valencia. Among them are parvenues, mafiosi, bankers, and a communist ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jail,  

In the celebration of the day of the political prisonner the victims of the Franco repression meet in the jail of Valencia. Among them are parvenues, mafiosi, bankers, and a communist ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Todos a la cárcel torrent reviews

Yuchun W (de) wrote: Raw and poetic portrayal of the undercurrent of human strife.

Yemin K (br) wrote: Take everything presented to you and use it as motivation,,

Paula M (gb) wrote: not bad. a little slow and a not so great ending

Todd S (us) wrote: For the first 40 minutes, I was mesmerized by this film. The beginning was as thrilling and intriguing as any film I'd seen all year, but after that, the big secret is revealed and it became almost a shot for shot remake of Eagle Eye. It was seriously ridiculous how the two stories became almost exactly alike. Realizing this, the writers decided to throw in a big twist at the end, that might have saved the film had it made even a single bit of sense. Echelon Conspiracy begins with computer programer, Max Petersen (Shane West), anonymously receiving a brand new, state of the art, cell phone in the mail. The phone gives him instructions which lead to him winning a lot of money. Everything is going great for Max, until he disobeys the phones wishes and the FBI shows up. Shane West was fantastic in this film, it really makes me wonder why he doesn't do more stuff like this. West seems to prefer romantic dramas, but is clearly missing his true calling. After seeing a performance like this, I'd easily put him at the top of the list for any major action film. West was paired in this film with Edward Burns who was terrific and Ving Rhames who was Ving Rhames. I say that, because sometimes he's the perfect fit for a role and other times, he couldn't be more out of place, a perfect example of which is his role in this film. As I said, this movie starts out great, but becomes exactly like Eagle Eye, I would venture to say that the two films are so much a like that the producers of Eagle Eye have a case for copyright infringement, it really was that close. Besides that, the film was a decent action film, with some nice performances. Had I not seen Eagle Eye, I may have thought more of this film, but as it stands, Echelon Conspiracy is just another low budget rip off of a semi-decent major motion picture and not much else.

Alana X (ru) wrote: aww.... this is the bomb, a luv it especially the new 1, its jus brilliant.

payid h (ag) wrote: best war film after platoon

Catherine N (ru) wrote: Extremely weird and intriguing commentary on one species domination over another. The trippy Bosch/Dal animation coupled with the art rock soundtrack makes this film a fun watch.

Greg W (ag) wrote: another Kipling apaptation

Miriam K (au) wrote: the seen where Jerry Lewis dresses in drag and sings "it's easier to say..." was so funny I couldn't even laugh!

QueenDysiera B (es) wrote: In my opinion Freedom Writers was an excellent film! I loved how the movie had a great moral and the film really touches the heart of the viewer. I disliked the fact it was only from 2 people perspective, I wish I could have seen the disturbance in the other teens lives. I'm definitely glad I watched the film, I'll definitely watch it again.

Jason S (us) wrote: Even with subtitles I had a hard time understanding any of the dialogue. Some of the song and dance numbers were too long and boring.

Max M (au) wrote: a great favorite of mine as a young one loved it great action trucker film