Toe to Toe

Toe to Toe

A story about two lacrosse teammates from opposite sides of the track.

A story about two lacrosse teammates from opposite sides of the track. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (br) wrote: The idea of how social media could contribute to a zombie-esque viral outbreak is an interesting concept; but without any sort of satire, social commentary or even focus, the end result is a painfully tacky and irritating marriage of Facebook and Night of the Living Dead.

Jackson M (ca) wrote: Looks quite honestly shit.

Iines S (au) wrote: maybe my favy Miyazaki

Miguel R (ca) wrote: My Week with Marilyn is a decent biography on Clark's week with Mrs. Monroe

David S (ru) wrote: The film starts out as a slow, contemplative documentary on nature and sheep but slowly and steadily shifts to one about the herders who are moving them down a mountain for the last time. It's a gorgeously shot film about routines and frustration, about a way of life that has reached its end.

Shante K (au) wrote: Full of action drama and suspense. love it

Ana T (gb) wrote: Sienna Miller portrays Edie Sedgwick perfectly. The relatoinship between Edie and Andy Warhol is so interesting and I feel her short and tragic life was wonderfully captured in this film.

Petros T (fr) wrote: "Brno" feels like a lesser outing when compared with Larry Charles and Sacha Baron Cohen's breakthrough "Borat" or the more recent "The Dictator", but remains fairly enjoyable due to some great laughs and the small duration. It's basically some sort of slightly disjointed collection of segments that act like an excuse for gross gags. Not exactly great storytelling, but good fun nevertheless.

Adam T (ca) wrote: Boisterous and experimental Oliver Stone film about two mass murderers on a killing spree and the media attention they attract. As satire, it is not subtle and the performances are all over the top but I did enjoy Robert Downey Jnr as the award-winning Aussie journalist.

Andy H (it) wrote: Cop-out ending, otherwise enjoyable Coen brothers fodder.

Hosea Aryo Bimo Widiotomo N (gb) wrote: if you compare this with the famous "Matrix Trilogy" then i think you were out of context and even out of idea because this film is made by those who inspire The Wachowski Brother to made The Matrix. The Content itself were also different, more deeper, more darker, more sadder, and more gloomier with many references to Arthurian Legend and what is mean of self and others... but still you need to see this film more than once to capture the real meaning....which is a quite hard for those who like to have some fun watching the movies without thinking....that's why this movie were screened in festival

Joseph S (es) wrote: Often neglected due to the strength of his peers, Mizoguchi is one of the finest directors in world cinema and this is perhaps the best film to come from Japan.

Matthew H (ru) wrote: Average fare floating in the sea of washed away movies. It tried to be like James Bond, but was so patted with kid gloves and bubble wrap around the edges that it came off as too overprotective, like the kind of movie a kid's mom would suggest instead when he/she wanted to see Skyfall.

Ian P (it) wrote: The worst film I've ever seen. I don't understand how people find it funny, it has no humour in it at all. Avoid at all costs.

Brandon R (gb) wrote: how can this be an 18 percent and its hellerious , when twlight got 49 percent and alot of people bag it out. i just dont see the logic...

Jennifer E (us) wrote: I'm embarassed to say that I bought this. Needless to say I sold it right after that.

Randy Y (mx) wrote: A nice film about the intimidating baseball pitch. Nice tone of stories/oral history. Kinda the same story over & over, but still enjoyable.