Together Again for the First Time

Together Again for the First Time

"Together Again for the First Time" tells the story of a blended family reuniting on Christmas Eve. It's the first time they've all been in the same house at the same time since the parent's marriage seven years before--which wouldn't be a problem if they all liked each other. But they don't. And matters only get worse with the unexpected arrival of an ex-boyfriend, an unannounced live television broadcast, and the outing of well-kept family secrets. This is a comic, touching movie about what it means to be a family--even when you don't like each other very much

"Together Again for the First Time" tells the story of a blended family reuniting on Christmas Eve. It's the first time they've all been in the same house at the same time since the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonard E (it) wrote: I love it. hurrrr......

Stephanie M (mx) wrote: Detailed, interesting, fantastically made :) LOVED IT! A great documentary of that time period at the Disney Animation Studio. The Disney Rennaissance was amazing.

Ray M (jp) wrote: Fucking AWESOME ALSO AWESOME TITS

Johnny B (us) wrote: Book was better, and why are all the main women Chinese?

Netta L (kr) wrote: This is excellent!! The fact that it's in German makes it so real. The hollywood version is very good too, but can't beat this one!! Sebastian Koch rocks!!

Sherri R (fr) wrote: I saw this movie in a group with the writer of it:)

Christopher B (de) wrote: I really enjoyed this. Great visuals, great adaptation.

Kyler K (it) wrote: In the grand scheme of filmography, very few films really get you to connect wholeheartedly with a character enough to feel their feelings. Whether it be the nerve racking circumstances that the script places Tommy Wilhelm or the awesome emotion shown by Robin Williams, Seize the Day is one of those few films. "Don't marry suffering the way some people do. They marry suffering, they eat with suffering, they sleep with suffering. And they find some joy in their lives; they think their committing adultery. Forget your father. For him love is a recessive gene." - Tampkin (Jerry Stiller).

Rob A (au) wrote: A good solid movie/musical.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: Wonderful whodunit starring the great Alastair Sim (in a perfect role) as an inspector who tries to solve the case of a murder that involves a bunch of doctors and nurses set near the end of WWII. The opening is just awesome, now that's how you start a murder mystery. Some nice laughs throughout, pretty much all from Sim, and a great ending. Just a really good and entertaining film.

David L (gb) wrote: While it has great performances and some heartwarming moments plus 'Swinging on a Star' is a classic, Going My Way is also an awkward mix of drama and musical which goes as such - a long dialogue > a song and so on. Moreover, Bing Crosby, both the character and the actor, is somewhat not believable in the role of the priest, as terrific as he is. In the end, it is an amiable little film joining 'Driving Miss Daisy' and 'The King's Speech' in the list of solid films not deserving of best picture.

Mandela W (us) wrote: I don't believe in Aliens nor UFO's. It is interesting though the old fascination people had with otherworldy beings back in the day. Over the years in cinema we've seen the scary, the silly and downright intriguing portrayals of aliens. Close encounters of the third kind tackles peoples extreme interest in the idea and the effects it has on others. Steven Spielberg directs a film that showcases the nest stage in his directing evolution. A small town of Indiana is about to experience the most unusual event of their lives. This movie's main character Roy is a citizen of this town and he has an encounter with a UFO one night. This sparks a potentially dangerous fascination with the flying saucer a fascination that also happens to a young woman who loses her son to that same flying apparatus.the film has a veeeeery slow start. It then finally picks up after 20 minutes and gets real exciting. of all the films to identify as Spielberg film this is the most likely one to have his finger prints. Its made at such a high level. If Imax was around this would have been an even greater feature flick. The film has a very expansive and awe inspiring cinematography. I can tell this was one of his earliest big scale films.the biggest motif in this film is fascination with what lies in the skies. Spielberg shows religion praying to what lies above them and Also roy's fascination with the UFO's that fly above him. this is fantastic directorial work from the icon. Richard dreyfuss was not bad here. Roy was a guy who graduatually began to lose it more and more thanks to the alien activity. Melina dillion was sort of like a mirror of him as she went equally as nuts as he didThe screenplay was great and well done just like the film score. I'm sure back then the visual effects were impressive but compared to what he did with War of the worlds it's a far cry. this did however lay down the groundwork which would be used in Independence day. Lastly the the music scene near the end was really weird I must say but the overall ending was good.This is a pretty darn good speilberg flick. two thumbs up for sure.

Lucio Y (nl) wrote: I used to think this was the scariest film I've ever watched until I watched Caroline. Ahh the good ol' days when i was a kid

Barry R (it) wrote: A like, not a really like!

Marilee A (ru) wrote: Another Wonderful Version of Dangerous Liaisons, which has Merits Unique to it's own Style of Story Telling.I Love Annette Bening in this, as well as Meg Tilly's Innocence is the best of all the Versions.Lovely & Naughty

Mark S (us) wrote: Honestly I have never seen a film so intense as this, its most definitely one very thought provoking drama. Some of the concepts brought out by this film must come from a very dark place in the director's imagination. I think horrifying is the best way I can describe the film I don't know if horrifying is horror I usually think more gore. Standing on a Landmine is bad enough, but for the landmine to be fake, to purposefully put somebody on the Landmine as a revenge act for sleeping with his friends fiance, but then to add in rape, and then the revenge scenes at the end its just shocking. This isn't something I would normally watch but having seen it recently I felt compelled to write a review about it. I would recommend anybody to watch it, but just think about what you have watched after the event this is the only way you will truly comprehend just how dark it truly is.