Together Alone

Together Alone


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dream,   car,   bicycle,  

Bryan meets a man called Bill in a bar. They go back to Bryan's home and have unprotected sex. Later, they wake up and talk. Bryan discovers that Bill's real name is Brian, and that he is bisexual. They spend hours talking, covering topics including AIDS, sexuality, feminism, role-play and Emily Dickinson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (gb) wrote: Seriously misfiring dystopia with a set of ageing actors that are now b-list at best looking completely out of sorts with the material in front of them, which to be fair offers very little substance. Daryl Hannah is the most miscast of the group.

Lenny R (fr) wrote: I kept half-expecting Neil Patrick Harris to turn up and berate Josh Radnor for being so pretentious. To be fair though, while many of the characters are quite pretentious, the movie itself is less so. I found myself comparing it to Garden State - kind of endearingly pretentious, if that makes sense. The Jesse-Zibby pairing is thoughfully handled; this isn't the creepy vanity project I feared it would be upon learning the premise. Zibby comes across as so grown up and articulate that we find ourselves in a dilemma as to whether to condone the relationship, just as Jesse does regarding whether to pursue it. Olsen is captivating as usual, and Jenkins and Janney are both in fine form. It's a small movie about big ideas, and Radnor does a solid job both behind and in front of the camera. Even Zac Efron is pretty good.

Paul S (ru) wrote: Excellent film. RZA did his thing. Giancarlo Esposito really made his mark on film making.

Wendy B (kr) wrote: Whether you are liberal, conservative, or apathetic, you should see this film. It portrays just how far this country has to go before people can speak opinions freely without any persecution. Just watch the scene of two professors during Q&A portion of Sean Hannity's speech, only to be mocked and their quesitons ignored. I also liked that the filmaker presented both sides of the controversy and he did not seem to take a side. He just presented the story as it was.

Susie S (kr) wrote: All these critics are crazy! Shadowboxer is a great film. Maybe in my top 20.

Lesley N (fr) wrote: One of the earlier Blaxploitation films and one of the better ones too, with an involved plot, great main cast and plenty of violence. Top acting by Yaphet Kotto and Anthony Quinn as black and white cops trying to find the criminals before the black and white mobsters get them, and as usual, Anthonio Fargas gets to be the pimp. Soundtrack by Bobby Womack is a classic.

Elliott B (it) wrote: Not even finished with it yet, but Top Gun and the like have absolutely nothing on this amazing piece of work, that truly deserved to be the first Best Picture.

Branden 2 M (fr) wrote: Very enjoyable Martial Arts film with a great central performance by Donnie Yen both physically and emotionally. The fight scenes in this are very entertaining and a couple of them are extremely intense.

seth s (es) wrote: i think that this is the craziest wedding movie i have ever scene

William W (it) wrote: This doesn't quite work as well as its more famous predecessor but is still both a worthy sequel and one of the better fantasy films out there. I admire Fleischer as a director, particularly his excellent work in sci-fi, but I just don't think this was his sort of thing. Worth purchasing and re-watching, however. Not sure if I'll ever bother with the recent Conan reboot.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: Imagine "Raiders of the Lost Ark" as a comedy and that only 2/3rds of the film takes place. There. You understand most of "Beat the Devil." It's pretty good, but by no means the best I've seen from John Huston.